20 Best Women's Work Bags Of 2023


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20 best women’s work bags of 2023

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Choosing a new work outfit every day can be quite a headache, but if there’s one thing that makes our mornings easier, it’s a reliable work bag that can withstand long commutes, appointments, mountains of documents, and more. From stylish work bags that you can take from the boardroom to the bar to functional work bags that keep all your documents (and lunches) safe and sound, there is no shortage of work bag options on the market that will really make it easier. work – and be – at your daily job is much easier. We talked to people who go to the office every day about their favorite work bags from top brands like Beis, Cuyana, Frank & Oak and Ted Baker, and you can buy them right here.

Don’t sleep in backpacks that get you to and from work painlessly. “I love that it’s versatile, theft-proof, and easy to clean, so if something spills, it’s easy to wipe up,” says Margaret Simonelli, Clinical Consultant. “As an added bonus, it has a cup holder for your morning drink.”

“I got lost in the online world of handbags and crossbody bags when I finally found this perfect bag,” says Rachel Lubitz, Senior Lifestyle Editor for Underscored. “Made from soft textured leather with two straps, a push button closure and plenty of room for my laptop and essentials, but not the entire kitchen sink, I have dreamed of wearing it for the past few weeks. It seems sublime and a little whimsical without screaming that you’ve spent too much, and I love the vibrant coral color too.”

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull may not be affordable for most, but given that “LV Neverfull is the best,” says Ashley Mosseri, a podiatrist, it might be worth the money. “It will fit everything, including my laptop, so the name is very appropriate, it is very durable and does not get dirty. It comes with a small bag inside and I also carry it on my travels. It’s expensive and I got it as a gift, but it’s amazing. Definitely worth it.”


Functional work bags are a must, but bonus points for playful designs. “This Ted Baker lunch bag is my perfect companion at work,” says Roxanne Stein, assistant administrator/supervisor. “I use it every day as a lunch bag and as a carry bag. It’s roomy for a small bag, it’s easy to clean thanks to the material, but it’s also very, very pretty.”

“It’s surprisingly hard to find a work bag that 1) fits a laptop 2) has a zippered top 3) can be carried over the shoulder, but Cuyana has managed to fulfill all three requirements with their newly released Easy Zipper Tote,” says Chelsea Stone. The senior editor emphasized. “And on top of that, the bag comes in three sizes, the leather is super smooth, and you can choose from a variety of gorgeous colors. I chose the small one and she still fits my computer, wallet, water bottle and more.”

Whether at the office or on an overnight trip with colleagues, this professional bag is the perfect companion. “I love my Beis Convertible Mini Weekender for work travel,” says Rachel Rappaport, Senior Consultant. “It’s the perfect size for hand luggage and can easily be used as a handbag. I love the zippered compartment at the bottom where my work pumps can be stashed, and the opening in the wire frame makes it easy to see exactly what you have. My little secret: for big trips, I just zip off the bottom and carry it on board like a purse. This is the ideal “personal item” size for most airlines.”

“I live in a small apartment in Boston, so everything in my closet has to double, triple, quadruple,” says Todd Plummer, writer and avid traveler. “This bag comes with a sturdy shoulder strap and is big enough to carry my laptop, notebook and some documents, but also makes a great carry-on for planes or a grocery bag if I’m packing a few things. in the shop. Sure, it’s an investment, but it’s made by a New England company that I think makes leather that can compete with any luxury brand.”

With such a practical design, you will reach for this bag every morning. “It’s the perfect bag,” says Genevieve Gerten, vice president of life sciences at a venture capital firm. “It fits my laptop perfectly and can be tucked under an airplane seat, used as a backpack and machine washed.”

Down jackets are all the rage right now, but a down bag will add something even more awesome to your work fit. “I’ve been keeping an eye on this bag since it was on the list,” says Caitlin Thomas, a news reporter. “I love the quilting pattern and color and the fact that this is a more durable version of the classic bag. It’s spacious and holds everything I need for work, plus it’s made from sustainable materials, so it was a guilt-free purchase.”

With waterproof material and plenty of interior space, you’re sure to reach for this work bag every morning. “I’ve been using a Rains bag for years after getting stuck in a snow bag next to my work laptop too many times,” says Kendra Sharp, digital marketer. “It zips up to be completely waterproof, which means I can go to work in the rain for as long as I need to. It also served me for almost four years, so I recommend it to everyone.”

To save your back and sanity, grab this sleek yet roomy Matt & Nat backpack with an eye-catching pouch. “This backpack fits everything so I don’t have to carry three bags,” says Cassandra Chase, talent consultant. “It sits comfortably on my back so I don’t make a face, and as a bonus, it’s made from vegan leather.”

Coach bags are making a comeback in earnest, and if they’re not part of your everyday work wardrobe, you’re missing out on all the convenience they offer. “I use the standard large Coach bag. It has textured skin so I just have to wipe it down to clean the outside,” says Kira Tuveig, corporate lawyer. “I like it because I can zip it up to close it and it fits my laptop. I got it as a gift when I first started my work and I haven’t needed to replace it since.”

Whether you’re pursuing a career in the fine arts or traveling with a lot of gear, this Amazon’s Choice transformable bag is sure to come in handy. “We used to have four bags for our cameras and drones, which is enough for all my cameras and tripods,” says Peter Savinski, wedding photographer. “I can roll it on wheels or carry it as a backpack. Although I use it for photography, I also use it as a travel bag.”

You can’t go wrong with this roomy bag with a zip fastening in the middle, two compartments for small items and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. “I got it a few years ago and use it every day for work,” says Rachel Shainer, an elementary school teacher. “He’s still in perfect shape and cleans up nicely.”

For a practical briefcase with street bag style, choose this eye-catching tote. “I love this because it is extremely versatile and I can organize all my essentials in it without making my bag too bulky,” says Claudine Grondin, Purchasing Manager. “I also love the fabric and the color as it’s a nice take on the classic tote bag shape.”

When I do face-to-face interviews for articles, I’m most likely running around town afterwards. This rescue bag has thick, padded shoulder straps that don’t dig into my shoulders when carrying everything from my laptop to lunch to a change of clothes. It has some ingenious compartments that make my clutter easier to organize.

It’s more of a manufacturer than a show-er. From the start, it looks like a regular sports backpack, but it holds an incredible amount of stuff, from my laptop to my Yeti portable walker and extra sweatshirts in case I inevitably start to get cold after a couple of hours of work. The outer compartment is spacious enough to double as a separate bag, making the main compartment a bit of a cherry on top. I love that the back of it is soft enough to not only protect my valuables but also my back so I don’t have to put flat items on the end before putting it on.

There’s nothing better than this soft-touch tote bag with over 58,000 Amazon reviews. It has a large main compartment and a small side pocket for valuables, plus a decorative tassel that gives it a super chic look. From versatile hues like apricot to ash grey, it’s both professional enough for a boardroom and chic enough for a night out on the town. And at this price, you’ll want to take one for every day of the week.

Gone are the days when you were worried about whether your laptop would be safe in your bag while commuting. With over 13,000 reviews on Amazon, this top-selling laptop shoulder bag, designed with military-grade protection, water-resistant fabric, and reinforced shock-absorbing edges, makes an all-round smart investment.

Crafted from exquisite waterproof waxed canvas and cowhide, this practical messenger bag has nearly 13,000 Amazon reviews and evokes the nostalgic paperboy aesthetic with all the updated bells and whistles of a modern work bag. It features an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap for a personalized fit, a magnetic closure to secure your belongings comfortably, and a padded sleeve to protect your laptop up to 15.6 inches.


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