22 Best Sunglasses 2023: Designer Shades For Men & Women


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22 best sunglasses 2023: Designer shades for men & women

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Just like your collection of shoes or bags, sunglasses are something you most likely won’t revisit season after season. Chances are you have a few popular styles that you’ve been wearing with some regularity over the past few years, in addition to your trusted face sunscreen, complete with some trendy styles that change every year.

But with such anticipation as spring approaches, we asked the fashion experts for their favorite top-rated sunglasses under $150.


Consensus? While frame shapes and styles are susceptible to the cycle of trends, there are a few timeless favorites that pop up year after year no matter what. “In my opinion, every well-dressed person should have a pair of oversized aviators in their arsenal,” says Shelby Hyde, trade editor for Harper’s Bazaar. “Along with a chic design, they are extremely versatile and can be worn with just about anything. Not to mention, they look great on all face shapes.”

Ahead is the most popular sunglasses under $150 recommended by fashion editors.

“I’m not usually a fan of big frames, but I’ve added a lot of extra pieces to my wardrobe,” says the independent fashion columnist. Daniel Najer. “I love pairing them with my favorite pieces from the ’70s: wide-leg jeans and collared shirts.”

AQS Wren 50mm Rectangular Sunglasses

“Angled sunglasses in pastel colors are perfect to evoke spring. I love seeing how Wren sunglasses pair with matching bags and shoes for a monochromatic vibe,” says Najer. Clients agree: one reviewer calls them “super cute and flattering.”

Sunglasses Warby Parker Abe

“I am a fan of the classic aviator shape, but at the moment I like this slightly more angular version. It’s modern, minimalist, and takes up a little less space on your face,” says the independent fashion columnist. Gina Marinelli.

Mile High Gold/Green Pilots

These aviators give any outfit a touch of ’80s flair with colored lenses and retro styling, including molded nose pads and a sleek brow ridge.

“As much as I admire the eye-catching frames, the truth is that most of the time you will see me in slightly oversized black pairs,” says Marinelli. “I plan to add them to my rotation next time.”

Marc Jacobs Women's Cat Eye Sunglasses


“Every women’s collection needs a pair of cat eyes, a trend that Marc Jacobs spruced up with sparkly accents,” says Najer. “This is my personal favorite for their tangy sophistication.”

Le Specs Outta Love Oval Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell is the perfect choice if you want a more versatile color for your sunglasses. They pair seamlessly with “head-to-toe black outfits in the same way as, say, a tangerine sundress,” says Najer.

Le Spec Recovery

“Like aviator glasses, all-black sunglasses that cover most of your eyes are a must-have every day,” says Hyde. “They will come in handy, especially for morning flights.

Lyon Men's Sunglasses

These simple black sunglasses go with just about everything, and their crisp rectangular shape and little blue detail ensure you always look stylish wherever you go.

Margot Chunky Rectangle Sunglasses

“To add pops of color to your eyewear collection, use lucite pastels for a more subtle approach,” Hyde recommends. “This pair is especially good for its lightweight yet durable construction.”

Sulu Eco Sunglasses

These sunglasses come in a beautiful range of colors that will be the perfect match with bright shirts. In addition, they are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Warby Parker Morgan

“Round lenses are gaining momentum for the summer, and this $95 pair is the perfect choice for sunny days,” he says. Angela Meleroexecutive editor of Zoe Report.

Nooz Polarized Sunglasses

Speaking of round sunglasses, these lightweight polarized sunglasses come in two shades of tortoiseshell, as well as black and bronze.

Klein round sunglasses

Another pair of simple round sunglasses in black, cream or mint.

Quay Australia Mad Cute Luxe Cat Eye Sunglasses

“Your summer essentials should include just one pair of playful sunglasses to wear around the holidays,” Hyde says. “Choose a retro cat-eye style to keep it sleek and chic.”

Warby Parker Rhea Sunglasses in Truffle Tortoiseshell

These tortoiseshell sunglasses are one of Warby Parker’s choices. “They are modern and at the same time timeless,” say Warby Parker employees.

Le Specs For-Never Mine Sunglasses

“I always need trendy sunglasses on the days I want to make a statement,” says Melero.

poppy lissiman stevie sunglasses

“These sunglasses are fun and bold,” says Michaela VerrelienNew York model and influencer. “Everyone needs a pair of printed glasses.”

Fairfax Oversized Rectangular Sunglasses

“I love bright sunglasses. They are not only bright, but also help to prepare for the summer,” says Verrelien.

Sunglasses Fast Lanes Sport Fruit Punch/Aqua

The perfect pair for a trip to the beach, these colorful glasses from Knockaround are super lightweight and only cost $25.

Riley sunglasses

These square frames are in clear cobalt, so you can still add some pop of color without ruining your entire outfit.

Sunglasses Quay Australia

With exclusive 5-star reviews, these 70s style rectangular frames are on trend.

BP.  Cat-eye sunglasses 50 mm

“There is something cool about tortoiseshell sunglasses,” says Marinelli. “This retro cat-eye pair looks very playful without turning into a suit or knick-knack.”


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