“Every New Yorker has the right to speak up when Mayor Adams cuts school budgets, raises rents and talks right-wing,” Mr. Neidhart said. “The mayor should be tackling the crises facing the people who work in our city every day, instead of bashing and attacking his constituents. Are elder.”

Mr. Adams received a lot of criticism during his first year, including allegations of favoritism over his hiring practices and budget cuts to schools and libraries. On Tuesday, he faced a new round of outrage He said that “there was no more room in the inn”. For migrants arriving in waves from the country’s southern border.

Mr. Adams’ scathing comments about the de Blasio administration came even as the two are political allies who rose to power in the same Brooklyn powerhouse. Mr. de Blasio quietly endorsed Mr. Adams during the competitive Democratic primary for mayor in 2021 and worked behind the scenes to help elect him.

Nevertheless, major differences have emerged. Mr. Adams decided not to expand Mr. de Blasio’s popular preschool program for 3-year-olds; they have doubted Closing the Prison Complex at Rikers Island on Mr. de Blasio’s Timeline, He brought back a controversial anti-gun police unit that was disbanded under Mr. de Blasio.

Mr. de Blasio did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

As mayor, Mr. Adams has repeatedly criticized the de Blasio administration for leaving him with major problems in city government, including low trash pick-up and high crime rates. the last summer, Mr Adams told The New York Post that after reviewing the city’s operations, he was “shocked” to learn “how bad this place is.”

On Wednesday, Mr Adams continued to argue that he had inherited the mess.

“He had eight years to do his job – eight years to fix Rikers, eight years to tackle crime, eight years to tackle education, eight years to tackle early childhood education for children with disabilities. , eight years to fix NYCHA,” he told reporters. “He had so much time to do his job.”

“And did they?” a reporter asked.

“No,” said the mayor, laughing.

Former Mayor Michael R. Stu Loeser, Bloomberg’s press secretary, said he understood why Mr. Adams was frustrated by de Blasio’s criticism of officials, noting that Mr. Bloomberg had a policy of not criticizing Mr. de Blasio and encouraged his staff to resist doing so – although they didn’t always listen,

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