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Allbirds Riser review | CNN Underscored

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It’s officially cute sneaker season, and that can only mean one thing: take off my snow-splattered boots so they finally look put together for the first time in a whole year. As someone who lives in Montreal, Canada, the weather is often too unpredictable to spend money on a pair of luxury sneakers for everyday wear, but I would do anything for journalism.

That’s why I was very excited to try out the new Allbirds lifestyle shoes: just released riser Designed using the brand’s most popular natural materials such as canvas, wood fiber, wool, bio-based foam and natural rubber. Stay tuned to see if the new trendy shoes are right for you.


Available in four different colors, Allbirds’ latest shoes are designed for everyday wear and are made from natural materials such as canvas and eucalyptus wood fiber.

If you are a fan of everything AlberdsA new addition to the brand line can be a wise addition to your spring wardrobe: riser are stylish shoes designed for all-day comfort that you can wear with a flowy skirt just as easily as with a matching tracksuit on your Hot Girl outing. Its allure lies in the use of natural materials such as canvas around the forefoot and heel for support, eucalyptus wood grain along the laces and tongue as a durable and sustainable alternative to nylon ripstop, ethical merino wool as a functional design. an element that also provides extra comfort in the heel area, sugar cane foam in the midsole for a bouncy stride, and natural rubber for proper traction, derived from the latex vessels of rubber plants.


They cost $135 a pair, come in four versatile colorways—Honey Rust, Indigo, Natural Black, and Natural White—and are available in men’s and women’s sizes 7 to 14 and 5 to 11, respectively.

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While first impressions are everything, I like to think of myself as Paula Abdul among the judges, giving most things the benefit of the doubt and the ability to redeem themselves. First off, their look is unmistakably in line with 2023, boasting a futuristic vibe with an angular heel and outsole mixed with a little dad sneaker vibe to tie them to the ground. It’s not something I would personally aim for (I go out of my way to risk fashion and stand out too much), so they definitely took me out of my comfort zone in a way that I appreciate.

Next, I like that the color scheme I chose – natural white with a Blizzard sole, it’s more of a creamy beige shade that can be a little more forgiving in inclement weather or when walking on grass and mud than a standard snow white shoe. While I’m not personally a big fan of the other flashier colorways because my outfits tend to use brighter color palettes, each one makes a serious style statement while still feeling versatile. Also, the gender-neutral look is much appreciated for this girl who prefers to shop in the men’s section.

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Being a relatively short man at 5ft 3in, I will take every opportunity to raise myself a little. I love that I feel noticeably taller in these sneakers thanks to their 1.25-inch platform (depending on which point of reference) and how said heel boasts an edgy and boxy silhouette that brings out the futuristic theme. I appreciate how the thin, pointed toe lengthens my legs even more, making them much more flattering than I expected.

I can’t help but appreciate the brand’s extremely obsessive attention to the fabrics used. Each one is not only luxurious to the touch, but also serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to other common shoe materials that are irreparably damaging the planet (no petroleum-based nylon, chemicals or pesticides used in the manufacture of these materials). shoes, and they are carbon neutral).

Reminds me of some of my favorite sneakers from brands like Lululemon, Hoka and Reebok, the sole at the toe and heel is slightly rounded, making it easier to move forward with every step. I have a high instep, which has always made it difficult to find the perfect fit, but I was happy to find that the collar didn’t choke my ankle. Instead, I felt grounded and supported in the shoes.

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Since the Allbirds Tree Flyer fits like a cushion and feather mixed into one, I had high hopes. From the outside, their wide toe looks like it fits a foot like mine, which is on the verge of developing bursitis from years of wearing heels, competitive dancing, marathon training, and being a personal trainer. If you have the same foot profile as me and are used to heavily cushioned shoes, this might not be it, probably because The Riser’s thick material takes up some of the space that would otherwise be best suited for your foot.

During a two-hour walk around my neighborhood and grocery shopping (I like to test my shoes not only on the move but also with dynamic movements like turning, starting, stopping and standing), the platform heel didn’t provide a plush surface, on which I hoped. I understand that most shoes need a break-in period, so I wore them around the house for three full days, working, cleaning and cooking. I regret to say that I breathed a sigh of relief when I took them off. While the brand claims that the midsole foam molds to the shape of your foot over time, life is too short for long break-in periods with a pair of fluffy Crocs staring at you.

Shoes are such a personal investment because our feet are shaped differently and we all use them in different ways, from the way we walk to the intended activity. While these sneakers are certainly beautiful in the fabrics used, their futuristic and retro silhouette and their thin heel for a (literally) sublime look to any old sneakers you have at home, as well as their reasonable $135 price tag. pop, they don’t quite fit my unique purposes or how I prefer shoes to fit.

However, if you are lucky enough to try riser put them on and find them comfortable for your foot and you’ll have virtually limitless styling options as long as the weather permits.


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