Allison Holker Bonds With Kids After TWitch's Estate Is Divided


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Allison Holker Bonds With Kids After tWitch’s Estate Is Divided

Allison Holker Bonds With Kids Amid Estate Ruling
Contributed by Allison Holker/Instagram

Orientation to the future. Allison Holker took her kids to Universal Studios amid news that she was given half the fortune of the late Steven “tWitch” Boss.

“Great memories being made ❤️,” Holker, 35, captioned photos of 7-year-old son Maddox and 3-year-old daughter Zaya on Instagram on Saturday, April 29. She shared both of her children with Boss, who committed suicide at the age of 40. in December 2022. (He also adopted her daughter Wesley Fowler, 13, in 2013.)


While at the theme park, Maddox and Zaya explored Super Nintendo World and enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Holker enjoyed trips with her children and explored the village of Hogsmeade. Zaya looked pleased in her stroller with Minion cookies.

Allison Holker and Maddox
Contributed by Allison Holker/Instagram

Their merry walk took place a day after the court granted So you think you can dance alum half of the Boss estate. In February, Holker petitioned the court for rights to her late husband’s artistic earnings after he died intestate.

A California Superior Court judge in Los Angeles County signed her statement after she proved she was in fact married to Boss at the time of his death. She was granted the right to “transfer property” but the application stated that “no administration (of the property) is required,” according to court documents obtained by Us weekly.


California law states that the surviving spouse is entitled to half of their partner’s assets upon his death. However, the living partner must petition in order to legally take possession of the money and property.

In her statement, Holker asked the judge to award her half of the hip-hop dancer’s current and future earnings because he “had nothing of value” when they got married. The choreographer also indicated in her petition that her late partner “had a variety of projects and acted as a dancer, choreographer, actor and producer, resulting in the rights to royalties”, which should now be partially distributed between her and her children.

“It was a difficult process for Allison, but she is confident that in the end everything will work out and the children will be taken care of,” the source said. Us in February after Holker filed a petition that revealed Boss had died intestate.


“Anyone who knew Steven would tell you that his wife and kids were his number one priority,” the insider explained at the time, noting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show The DJ “absolutely…would like” his wife to have access to the property.

“Allison was a real mama bear, protecting the kids and working her hardest to get the best out of this unthinkable tragedy,” the insider shared. “It’s still so raw, everyone’s heartbroken, but Steven is their guiding light, giving them strength. Allison and the kids know that he would like them to move forward and rebuild their lives, no matter how painful it is without him.”

Holker spoke about the loss in a heartfelt letter to her children in March. “My love, we are stronger than you could imagine,” she shared on Instagram. “And we will be strong together as one and find the courage to support each other.”


She continued, “I will be by your side every step of the way through ups and downs, ups and downs. I will protect and guide, I will be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, I will have mother’s jokes ready when you need to laugh. The love and light in our hearts will still shine. I love you forever and always. Mother”.


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