Americans Caught Smuggling Fruit Roll-Ups Into Israel


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Americans Caught Smuggling Fruit Roll-Ups Into Israel

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On TikTok, it only takes one viral video or trend to sell a product exponentially.

And while this is good news for some retailers looking to make a splash, it could backfire for companies in smaller markets that quickly run out of stock without being able to restock immediately.


This was the case with fruit rolls, a famous sweet snack that has recently went viral on TikTok after users started taking a scoop of mango sorbet (or other ice cream) and placing it in the roll, which quickly (and unexpectedly) hardens and becomes crispy.

Last week, a local news outlet in Israel reported that two Americans were caught smuggling more than four suitcases full of fruit rolls, amounting to nearly 375 pounds of candy.

Second delivery was intercepted just a few days later by mail, bringing the total intercepted candy snacks to approximately 650 pounds.


Candy smuggling prevents buyers from paying mandatory Israeli taxes, causing the government and merchants to lose valuable money if the candy is not sold on the black market.

According to TikTok, the demand for fruit rolls has skyrocketed. Israel Timeswhich has sent prices skyrocketing for those who want to buy a box wherever you live.

Retailers in Israel are reported to sell fruit rolls for more than $6. For comparison, box with valuable packaging 20 fruit rolls sell for $5.68 on average at Walmart in the US.

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The madness has become so obvious that the Israeli Ministry of Health has released a statement in light of the hype surrounding the fruit rolls.


“Glucose, corn syrup, and dry corn syrup are all sugars—many different types of sugar.” statement said. “Sugar consumption has been found to be associated with weight gain. Many comorbidities have been attributed to sugar consumption, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, tooth decay, and more.”


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