Ariana Grande Shares Message From Lizzo After Slamming Body-Shamers


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Ariana Grande Shares Message From Lizzo After Slamming Body-Shamers

Ariana Grande Remix Lizzo Good as Hell

You are so special! Ariana Grande shared an inspirational message from a friend Lizzo after clapping back at bodyshamers who criticized her small physique.

The 29-year-old “Thank You Next” singer posted a video on social media with the 34-year-old “Good as Hell” singer on Thursday, April 13, which talks about music artists having to deal with comments about their body image.


“THIS BODY IS ART”, Grande captioned the clip on her Instagram stories.adding “ILYSM (I love you so)” and tagging the rapper.

In the video, which was posted in January, Lizzo turned to the camera while lounging in a bikini by the pool.

“The discourse around bodies is officially obsolete,” she explained. “I saw the comments: “Oh my gosh, I liked you when you were fat, why did you lose weight?” to “Oh my God why did you get BBL I liked your body before” to “Oh my God you’re so big you need to lose weight but for your health” or “Oh my God you need to get an ass or boobs or something in that sort of thing” to “Oh my gosh, why did she do all this work, it’s too much work.” We are fine?”


Grammy Winner then asked his followers if they saw the “delusion” that comes from commenting on people’s bodies. “Do we understand that artists are not here to meet your beauty standards? Artists are here to make art. And this body is art. And I’ll do whatever I want with this body,” she said, before noting that “we’re fucking wasting money on the wrong things.”

Grande, for her part, posted a rare video via TikTok earlier this week asking fans to be kind after receiving a flood of negative remarks about her own physique.

“I don’t do it often. I do not like it. I’m not good at this, ”the artist of“ 7 Rings ”. says on Tuesday, April 11, in the video. “I just wanted to answer your concerns about my body.”


Grande shared that she thinks everyone needs to be “softer and less comfortable commenting on people’s bodies no matter what,” adding that referring to someone as “sexy” can also be a trigger.

“There are ways to compliment someone or ignore something you don’t like, and I think we should help each other work through that,” she said. “Just to keep each other safe. … There are many different kinds of beauty. There are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful.”

Wicked the star explained that the body “that you compared to my current body” was actually “the most unhealthy version” of herself, as at the time she was “drinking a lot of antidepressants, drank them and ate poorly.”

Grande and Lizzo aren’t the only pop stars speaking out against body shaming. Selena Gomez, who was diagnosed with lupus in 2014, has often spoken openly about her experiences with online trolls. In February, she shared on social media that the medication she was taking for her condition was causing her weight to fluctuate.


“I tend to hold a lot of water weight and it happens very normally. And then when I stop taking (medication), I usually lose weight.” Wizards from “Waverly Place The 30-year-old alum explained during a February TikTok Live video. “I just wanted to say and encourage everyone who is ashamed of where they are going and no one knows the real story – I just want people to know that you are beautiful and wonderful and, yes, maybe we have days when we feel like shit, but I’d rather be healthy and take care of myself.”

During the March episode of the AppleTV+ documentary series Expensive…, Only murders in the building The star has been candid about how judgments about her appearance affect her.

“I lied. I went online, posted a picture of myself and said (negative comments) it doesn’t matter, I don’t take what you say, being in the room all the time, posting it, crying sobbing because no one deserves to hear things like that,” Gomez explained. “I posted these things saying I don’t care because I didn’t want it to bother other people who are experiencing the same thing – ashamed of how they look, who they are, who they love. I just think it’s so unfair. I don’t think anyone deserves to feel worse.”


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