Ariana Is 'Happy' After Sandoval Split


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Ariana Is ‘Happy’ After Sandoval Split

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor Say Ariana Madix Is a Different Person After Tom Sandoval Split She s Really Happy 159

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Finding the silver lining. Brittany Cartwright And Jax Taylor think Ariana Madixlife changed for the better after she broke up with Tom Sandoval.

“For Jax, I feel like he’s gotten closer to Ariana,” Cartwright, 34, said during a recent episode of “Forever Young”, noting that her husband, 43, and Madix, 37, have “always fought” in the past.


The Kentucky native – who’s gone Vanderpump Rules with Taylor in December 2020 – explained the pair bonded with Madix in the weeks after Sandoval, 40, and co-star Raquel Lewis“The fraud scandal made headlines. (Us weekly confirmed in March that Fancy Cocktails AF the co-writers broke up after nine years of relationship amid his romance.)

“Ariana was there. She came to Cruise’s birthday party,” Cartwright explained on the podcast, referring to the couple’s two-year-old son. “She just seems to be doing great. On this side, I think things are better. We didn’t talk to Tom.


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Taylor agreed with his wife, telling the podcast host: Dr. John Lakethat he “has nothing against Ariana” – although they didn’t quite see eye to eye during their tenure on Bravo.


“We are just two different people. We just never got along, we just fought,” recalls the Michigan native. “Since this happened, I feel like she has become a different person. She seems really happy. She seems like a completely different person.”

Cartwright – co-host of Peacock’s Vanderpump Rules: Watch with Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor with her husband – intervened: “(It) is like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.”

A former SUR bartender called Madix a “beautiful person” who “looks great” after forging his own path after the Sandoval and Lewiss scandal.

“She looks great. She just seems really happy,” Taylor continued, noting that the Florida native has “a huge support system.”


While Cartwright noted that she “sure it was really tough” for Redeem my daughter actress moving forward after her breakup, she and Taylor agreed that Madix is ​​”just glowing” right now.

Both Sandoval and Leviss, 28, publicly apologized to Madix in March after their months-long romance was revealed. Amid the drama, the cameras continued filming the series’ 10th season. Pump Ruleswhich should culminate in a stunning finale at the end of this month.

The TomTom co-founder addressed the controversy during an April appearance on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, saying he tried to break up with Madix in February but she was “in denial”. Sandoval also claimed that he and Lewis were “resting” from each other and “were not” friends with privileges. (She later went to a psychiatric hospital due to an adverse reaction.)


Earlier this month, the restaurateur raised his eyebrows when he seemingly poked fun at his secret romance with Leviss during a performance by Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras.

The Missouri native performed “Stacey’s Mom” ​​during his performance on Thursday, May 4 in Long Island, inserting Tom Schwartz and the names of Leviss in the lyrics. “It happens to Schwartz’s mom. She’s everything I want and I’ve been waiting for so long. Schwarzi, can’t you see that Raquel is hot for me, ”he sang to the applause of the audience.

In the comment section, Pump Rules Fans wondered if Sandoval said the former pageant queen was “not” to him or “hot” to him.

Taylor, for his part, stated during his May 2 podcast appearance that Sandoval lacks “empathy” amid all this drama.

“I feel like he has no regrets at all. No sadness” Sharknando 4 the actor told the audience. “I know that when I made this deal, I was upset. It was a terrible situation. I was so upset with what I did.” (Fans watched Taylor’s romance with Vera Stowers play season 6 Pump Rules before he and Cartwright got married in 2019.)

Madix, meanwhile, has been linked to a fitness trainer with Daniel Wai after the pair were seen packing their PDAs at Coachella in April.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Wednesdays at 9:00 pm ET. Peacock drops Vanderpump Rules: Watch with Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on Thursdays.


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