The Bears went to their backup quarterback twice this season, and both times it immediately made the game pointless.

First there was the fiasco against the Jets in which he acted like starting Justin Fields was a legitimate prospect until the morning of the game, then Trevor Siemian strained an oblique muscle in the warmup and took himself out of consideration. This paved the way for practice-squad callup Nathan Peterman to earn his first start since 2018.

Peterman’s thrill lasted maybe an hour before Siemian essentially decided he needed to tough it out and play anyway.

The result was a 31–10 Jets blowout.

Peterman will finally get his chance on Sunday when the Bears face the Vikings to end the season. He sidelined Fields with a hip injury, though he played against the Lions the previous week, and Tim Boyle would be the backup.

It’s such a bad scenario for the Bears that it raised the question of whether they were intent on losing. 1 pick with a loss and a Texan win over the Colts, perhaps it’s best for them to roll with Peterman and Boyle.

But one day, hopefully, these games will matter next season. And the Bears’ backup plan for Fields may never look the same again.

This is important for any team, but especially one that relies heavily on Fields as a runner. He missed four starts as a rookie with two separate injuries, then two more this season with a separated shoulder and a hip strain.

But what happens when he misses a few games next season with a possible playoff berth on the line? Imagine relying on Siemian or Peterman in that case.

The other frustrating aspect of this is that there is no upside to Siemian (31) or Peterman (28). The Bears are Siemian’s sixth team and Peterman’s third. It’s clear what the ceiling is for both of them, and it’s fairly low.

If the Bears had a developmental quarterback on their roster, perhaps a late-round draft pick, their game against the Vikings would be moderately intriguing due to the eagerness to see what they have in store.

The ravens offer a smart alternative to what the bears are doing. Behind Lamar Jackson, the only quarterback equal to Fields as a runner, they are trying to develop Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown.

Neither of them have proven to be amazing, but they check two key boxes in the big-picture strategy: They’re young and they play a similar style of play to Jackson. That means the Ravens don’t have to alter their offense when Huntley or Brown steps in, and if either of them turn into a starting-caliber quarterback, the team will have a valuable trading asset.

Huntley kept the Ravens 2-2 while Jackson was out with a knee injury and will make their final start against the Bengals on Sunday. He and Brown were based out of Utah and Oregon, respectively.

It’s an important enough position that the Bears would be wise to spend as high on him as a fourth-round pick. It’s a win-win if they have a quality backup with similar skills and develop him into a player they can flip for a high draft pick. The Patriots did this several times when they had Tom Brady.

In a season when nothing was at stake in the standings, it didn’t matter that the Bears didn’t have anyone viable behind Fields. And for this game, Peterman is perfectly suited to lead them to the result they really need. But it won’t always be that way, and the Bears need a strong plan starting next season.

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