The US would admit 30,000 immigrants per month from those nations in a border strategy that would be combined with expanded use of Title 42 removals. It would reflect his administration’s latest venture to combat the surge in immigration that is straining the US immigration system.

The new policy, effective immediately, is modeled after a policy launched solely for Venezuelans this fall, which created a narrow passage for up to 24,000 migrants who already have ties to the United States, and People who can provide financial and other support. Implementation of the program, which pertains to countries experiencing political and economic turmoil, is dependent on the use of Title 42 authorization for those not eligible at the US-Mexico border.

Border agents have already turned away Venezuelans using Title 42 authority over the past few months, and now they’ll do the same for Cubans, Haitians and Nicaraguans. Mexico has agreed to accept 30,000 migrants per month from the four countries, according to administration officials.

Migrants who crossed illegally into Panama or Mexico would also be considered ineligible for the program, in an effort to discourage people from making the dangerous journey through the Darien Gap.

“The legal avenues we are announcing today are generous, but at the same time, there are serious consequences for bypassing them,” said an official.

The program for Venezuela, announced in October 2022, forces migrants to apply for asylum from their home country, while excluding those trying to enter the US illegally from Mexico. Venezuelans who were granted humanitarian parole were allowed to enter the United States by air. The number of migrants crossing illegally has dropped from around 21,000 in October to 6,200 in November, a 70 per cent drop. According to the latest US Customs and Border Protection data,

The president’s speech will likely draw intense criticism from immigration reform advocates and lawyers, who denounce any extension of the Trump-era border policy that allowed border agents to be detained on public health grounds without considering their claims for asylum. But millions of migrants have been allowed to be expelled immediately. For days, administration officials have been weighing the political consequences of doubling down on Title 42.

Biden also faces growing criticism from both Republicans and Democrats on border issues. Thursday’s announcement could help the administration temporarily deal with the record number of people visiting the US, but it would also open the White House to criticism that it is using a pandemic-era tool Biden has said the pandemic is over, formally pushed to the axe.

“Instead of viewing this as limiting individuals’ abilities to seek asylum, you should view this as managing the border in an orderly and humane way, as well as expanding these routes with a parole program,” When asked about the possible setback, an administration official said.

The limit dilemma has intensified for the Biden administration in recent weeks as officials prepared for a court order to end Title 42 limits, only to see the Supreme Court temporarily block the policy from being lifted. Is. But regardless of the fate of the Trump-era policy – to be decided by the High Court later this year – the southern border is facing a record-breaking migration flow, one that has been on the rise during Biden’s presidency. It is likely to remain a major policy issue.

Along with additional legal avenues and redress, the administration is continuing its preparations for the end of Title 42’s cap, officials said. The administration is working to combat cartels and human trafficking networks, while increasing personnel, transportation, medical aid and facilities to support border officials. Biden will also call on Congress on Thursday for additional resources to meet his funding request and for lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

An administration official said, “You will also hear the president reiterate today that Congress has to do more.” “It is simply a fact that years of congressional inaction and the disastrous policies of the previous administration have created an immigration system that does not serve our national interest.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will also hold a press conference Thursday to talk about plans to expand Title 8 processing for immigrants who are not eligible for removal under Title 42. Title 8 would allow the government to quickly remove anyone from the country. Establish a legal basis – such as an approved asylum claim. These expatriates will be subject to a re-entry ban for five years.

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