McCarthy backer rep after Fox News hits out, complicating the chaotic atmosphere on the Hill this week. Michael McCall (R-Texas) argued Wednesday that every day without the speaker undermines Americans’ faith that Republicans can govern and further divides the party.

“If you want to figuratively burn the house down, what do you plan to do after that? I really don’t see a Plan B right now,” McCall said. He then fell to his feet, live on TV, while reporters chased McCarthy after the sixth failed speaker vote.

On the most visible measure of success, McCarthy’s endorsement numbers remained unchanged throughout Wednesday except for Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.), a former McCarthy supporter who switched his vote to current. Lawmakers of both parties loudly praised McCarthy and the Democratic leader every time Hakeem Jeffries The people of New York voted for themselves.

“I’m tired of your idiotic statements that some advisor asked you to say on the campaign trail,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) told reporters about the anti-McCarthy bloc, before being more blunt: “Behind closed doors, tell us what you really want or shut the fuck up. That’s my message.”

Signs of fatigue were showing on Tuesday as the usual pomp and atmosphere of the traditional swearing-in day of the Congress turned to gloom and caution. The families of the elected members, posing for formal photographs with young children, faded away and the speaker departed after realizing the election would not end immediately.

MLA with small children hanging out with your little ones In the cloakroom – while the extended process forced the rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-Calif.) to make the room a changing station,

Despite those inconveniences, Democrats generally welcomed the sight of Republican disarray after two years of intense focus on their own divisions. Several Democrats tweeted pictures of themselves carrying buckets of popcorn to the floor as the GOP continued to search for a way forward.

Several Democrats stopped scrolling their phones – California Rep. Scott Peters A puzzle was seen to be solved – as they waited for hours to line up and cast their ballots for Jeffries in person. After six ballots, the Democrats remained united with Jefferies, and he won 212 votes each time, always outnumbering McCarthy’s numbers.

“The United States may not have a legislature, but there are tacos in the cloakroom,” Rep. jim himes (D-Conn.) tweeted on Wednesday.

There were also moments of tension on the floor between the two parties in the days leading up to the polls. When Cammack accused Democrats of drinking during roll-call votes on Wednesday, he drew howls and boos. Democrats sought to effectively sanction him for those comments, but there was no mechanism to do so—the chamber could not adopt its own rules until a speaker was elected.

repealed. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.), the House Democratic Caucus Chair, called the allegation “ridiculous” and said it ultimately only hurt the chamber.

“These kinds of personal attacks are not really helpful to the institution,” he said in an interview. “And we have demonstrated that we want to work to get things done, and his inflammatory comments are unhelpful.”

For a rule-free dynamic, one member even said he deliberately wore his overcoat on the floor one day – violating a rule that he is often reprimanded for when the rules of the house are laid down Was.

repealed. corey bush (D-Mo.), who wanted to approve Cammack for the words, said: “[When] We have really long votes, the floor can be really fun. It may be strange, but not today, and even if it was, would only Democrats drink? Why is that a pot shot?”

Meanwhile, some members of both parties indicated that their outbound agitation over McCarthy’s ongoing struggle for the gavel could result in unexpected alliances. Several Democrats suggested they are open to discussing a so-called unity Republican speaker, while Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) suggested that his party may have to turn to another choice, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) If McCarthy can’t make real progress.

Other lawmakers saw the battle that dragged on to speak as a bad sign to the rest of the world about America’s ability to govern itself — and expressed concern that a show of ineptitude would only embolden its enemies.

“People want to know that in America we are capable of effective government,” Rep. ro khanna (D-Calif.) said on “Fox News.” “There are other countries which cannot form a government for months. That’s not the United States. So for the sake of the country and the institution, I hope we will sort it out this week.

Nicholas Wu, Sarah Ferris and Catherine Tully-McManus contributed to this report.

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