Nearly 1,000 people have been arrested in connection with the events of January 6, 2021, according to a new tally from the Justice Department released this week. More than half of those charged have already pleaded guilty or been convicted at trial. Prosecutors have a nearly perfect conviction record in the cases, with only one defendant—who faced only misdemeanor charges—being acquitted outright.

a judge handling 6 january cases said this week that he expects another 1,000 may be filed before the prosecution effort is complete.

“Our work is not over,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement Wednesday. “We are determined to ensure accountability for the perpetrators responsible for the January 6 attack on our democracy. And we are committed to doing everything in our power to prevent this from happening again.”

The Five Proud Boys – which includes the group’s former national president Enrique Tarrio – are accused of seditious conspiracy in a trial that began jury selection on December 19 and continued the process this week after recess. He was featured as a central player in the final breach of the Capitol by the Select Committee on 6 January, with his presence being recorded at several points where the police were overwhelmed and the building’s security was overcome.

One of Tarrio’s co-defendants, Proud Boy Joe Biggs of Florida, stood with fellow member Ryan Samsell just before he charged through police barricades, the first skirmish of the day. A third co-respondent, Seattle Proud Boy Ethan Nordian, was nearby as the initial wave of rioters removed police barricades, allowing the large crowd to move on. One of his aides, Jeremy Bertino, has already pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy, even though he was not in Washington, D.C., on the day of the attack while he recovered from a stab wound he sustained at a December 12, 2020 rally . Trump.

Tarrio was also absent during the attack, the result of a court order to stay away from Washington, D.C. following his arrest on January 4, 2021 for burning a Black Lives Matter flag at the same December 12 protest. But prosecutors say he coordinated remotely, keeping in touch with a top Proud Boys lieutenant at a Baltimore hotel. A photographer and Tarrio aide posted a video of a masked Tarrio in front of the Capitol on January 5, titled “Premonition,” which prosecutors cited in their charging documents. Prosecutors also described Tarrio’s possession of a document titled “1776 Returns,” which laid out plans to occupy federal buildings to disrupt the transfer of presidential power. The document included a section titled “Storm the Winter Palace”, an allusion to the Russian Revolution.

And after the attack, Torrio and Bertino exchanged happy texts. “The Winter Palace,” said Tarrio, after Buratino celebrated the attack. buratino Jan 6 told the selection committee about that exchange, saying that he did not know about the “1776 Returns” document until the FBI showed it to him during an interrogation.

“I think it probably could have been a way later – if it was successful – to say, look, I knew about it … without saying he knew something was going to happen,” Bertino said. . “If it was successful, he could claim the credit. If it wasn’t, it meant nothing.

The panel also released a deposition transcript of the Proud Boys data, with tario, But that February 4, 2022 statement happened before Tario was charged with his fellow Proud Boys and before the details of the “1776 Return” document were publicly known.

Another January 6 committee witness, a cryptocurrency advocate named Samuel Armes, told the panel that could be A source for parts of the documentwhich he said he shared with a mutual associate of Tarrio’s in the summer of 2020.

Barnett’s separate trial, set for jury selection on Monday and opening depositions as early as Tuesday, is expected to be a much briefer and more straightforward affair. At a pre-trial hearing this week, Barnett’s attorneys said they plan to argue that the combination stun gun/flashlight/walking stick he was wearing in Pelosi’s office during the Jan. 6 chaos There was no battery, so it shouldn’t be. considered a weapon.

Sparks could really fly in next week’s test. The defense said it would fight the prosecution’s plan to display a version of “JAP Hike ‘n Strike Hiking Staff” for the jury.

Barnett’s attorneys also plan to argue that he should not face a serious charge of obstruction of Congress because the House and Senate had already prorogued before he entered the building.

“They’re accusing Mr. Barnett of doing something that would require a time machine,” one of his defense attorneys said Wednesday.

Prosecutors have said that anyone who prevents Congress from resuming the authentication of electoral votes and does so knowingly can be convicted under the obstruction statute, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison .

The first trial, related on January 6 on charges of seditious conspiracy, included 4 co-defendants along with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers and a graduate of Yale Law School. at the end of November, convicted by a jury Rhodes and an aide, Florida Oath Keeper Kelly Meigs, on the felony charge, while the other three defendants were found not guilty of seditious conspiracy but guilty of other felony charges. All five await sentencing.

Four additional Oath Keepers associates are currently on trial in the same DC courthouse on charges of seditious conspiracy for their roles on January 6. This trial started last month and is continuing. The third Oath Keepers trial on obstruction charges is set for February.

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