Cardi B Gets Anxiety Trying To Outdo Her Own Met Gala Looks


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Cardi B Gets Anxiety Trying to Outdo Her Own Met Gala Looks

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Cardi B it’s her own contest! The rapper opened up about the pressure she’s facing trying to bring attention to the Met Gala.

“Every time I go to the Met, it’s fun, but like I don’t know, for example, after my first visit to the Met, I always feel anxious,” said the 30-year-old Grammy winner. Video “Get Ready with Me” for Fashion ahead of the 2023 party on Monday, May 1st. “Anxiety just grows and grows and grows.”


Cardi shared that every year she tries to outdo herself by creating red carpet magic that is better than before. “Maybe because my looks are so showy that people just expect each year to be more amazing than the last,” the New York native explained. “It’s so difficult because imagine me competing with myself. It’s disgusting”.

She expressed similar feelings Emma Chamberlain on the red carpet. “Worry… You know, sometimes I say, ‘I’m not going to the Met Gala next year, I just can’t do it,’ like it’s bad for my health.” Cardi told the popular YouTuber, 21, that she was afraid photographers would take “bad pictures” or find out her fans didn’t like her outfit.


At the ball on Monday, the Up artist presented the theme “Karl Lagerfeld: Beauty Line” in a black bubble dress from Chenpeng Studio. The velvet design featured a collared shirt, favored by the late designer, under a studded corset, flowing into a full skirt adorned with prominent roses. Cardi, styled by her longtime stylist Colleen Carterpaired the look with a black headband and a bouncy silver wig.

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Before climbing the iconic steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cardi was photographed leaving her hotel in the Big Apple wearing a low-cut pink Miss Sohee dress. The tight dress was embellished with crystals and completed with a tulle headpiece.

Carter, 33, took to Instagram on Monday that the look was an ode to Chanel wedding fashion part that was introduced in 2008. After the biggest night of fashion, Cardi donned a tweed coat dress for the after-party.

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At the 2022 Met Gala, Cardi owned the Gilded Glamour themed fundraiser, which was the second part of the event’s America: A Fashion Anthology theme. She looked statuesque, showing off her curves in a golden Atelier Versace gown. The dazzling number was made with intricate beading that draped the figure of the “I love that” rapper. “Gilding is gold – it’s regal,” she told Vogue on the red carpet at the time.



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