Bears receiver Chase Claypool said he was tired of losing.

His sideline outbursts prompted an exchange on Sunday with receivers coach Tyke Tolbert and eventually quarterback Justin Fields, who tried to calm him down in the third quarter of a 41-10 blowout loss.

Claypool left the postgame locker room as the media entered. Speaking for the first time about Thursday’s incident, he said he was tired of the aggressive backlash against the lions.

“I was absolutely ecstatic because we can never lose that bad,” he said. “We should have a little more pride, a little more heart, so that this doesn’t happen again.”

The Bears went three-and-out on six of seven possessions starting in the first quarter and extended to the fourth; The outlier was a one-play drive that ended in an interception.

Claypool said, “We have to realize that it’s not okay to go three-and-out.” “We have to act like that. If we go three and out, it can’t go well. And it’s not. But we really have to have that fire and energy and feel like, ‘Yo, this Time to go.’

He claimed that it had nothing to do with his own production. He had no catches on one target on Sunday.

“I’ll never get frustrated and say, ‘Throw me the ball more, throw me the ball,'” he said.

Fields brushed off the situation, saying that he told Claypool that his outburst “wasn’t helping the team.” Claypool said their discussion ended with “mutual respect”.

Tolbert told him after the game that the explosion, which featured Claypool throwing his helmet down, was unfair.

“I said, ‘Look, you’re a passionate guy. I love your passion. Passion is what makes you who you are. You just have to channel it in the right way,'” Tolbert said. Wants to get better on attack. Everyone wants to score more marks and want to do a lot. But we are all professionals. And we all have to approach things in a professional manner.

Claypool has struggled to contribute since the Bears traded a second-round pick to the Steelers for him. 1. Hampered by a knee injury last month, Claypool played 126 snaps with Fields at quarterback this season, an incredibly small number. In contrast, he played 125 snaps in his final two games with the Steelers.

With Fields playing quarterback—he left the Jets game in Week 11 with a separated left shoulder—Claypool was targeted only 18 times. He caught 10 of these passes for 60 yards.

Claypool, who is eligible for a contract extension this season, said he plans to throw with Fields during the offseason in California, Florida or Georgia.

Claypool said, “He’s one of those guys who hates to lose as much as I do.” “We see common ground on that. It’s nice to know there’s someone throwing you the ball who wants to win.”

They express it differently.

Claypool said, “Even if it’s 31–10 or whatever in the third quarter, we can still win that game.” “You see what the Vikings did at halftime 33-0 [in a 39-36 win over the Colts], We are always in every game no matter what the score, for the most part until the final whistle.

“So it’s like, I just want to feel that belief. I want to feel that. We’re a good team. We’re going to be a good team next year. But we have to be really uncomfortable losing.” “

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