What’s happening during Crayola Creativity Week?

crayola creativity week A free program for kids in schools, libraries and homes around the world, designed to help children enjoy creativity while learning about any subject. Crayola partners with celebrities and influencers from the worlds of arts, entertainment, music, science and sports to bring educational content, product gifts and virtual events to children, parents and teachers everywhere. Here are some of the things you can expect from this wonderful event.

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<p><figcaption class=There are some creative materials kids can use to make with Crayola.

Crayola Creativity Week begins on January 23 and goes on till January 29. Each day there will be a book showcasing how creativity is key to problem-solving and imagining new possibilities. Children, parents and teachers can virtually participate in a week of fun interactive events. Creative learning videos and printable activity pages will be available, providing kids with colorful ideas and fun ways to learn.

Crayola Education believes that when children lean into their individual creativity
Aspirations, creativity can take them anywhere, so this year’s theme is Converting today’s interests into tomorrow’s careers.

What are the specific learning areas?

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<p><figcaption class=making babies Artwork inspired by Crayola activities.

There One a wide range of subjects and areas that include all crayola creativity Week through a educational abundance Resources ranging from thinking sheet activities to hands-on videos celebrity producer, Klearning objectives Include visual arts, dance, Steam, literacy and more.

Children are also encouraged to participate in creative challenges. Teachers and parents can share photos of a child’s artwork online using #CrayolaCreativityWeek for a chance to win daily product gifts and fun opportunities (like having their artwork featured in a KIDZ BOP music video).

Who’s Attending Crayola Creativity Week?

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<p><figcaption class=Indigenous dancer Riya Thundercloud will be sharing her unique journey with us.

Several celebrity talents will share inspirational, real-world stories of how expressing creativity as a child propelled them into the careers they have todaybefore this Encouraging children to share their creativity.

Exciting Lineup of the Year Include talent from all walks of creativity including Broadway star Ali Stroker; comedian James “Moore” Murray; Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, co-founder of the hip-hop group Run DMC; meteorologist Dylan Dreyer; indigenous dancer Ria Thundercloud; Space Explorers and more.

<em>The Complete Lineup of Crayola Creativity Week 2023</em>” width=”720″ height=”720″ src=”https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/63a0a52e2500005c00e357f2.png?ops=scalefit_720_noupscale”/></picture></div>
<p><figcaption class=The Complete Crayola Creativity Week 2023 Lineup

Crayola has made it exceptionally easy to sign up for Crayola creativity Week. parents and eeducationist can do Learn more about the program and sign up to participate Crayola.com/CreativityWeek attend fun and celebration.

Participants can also tune in to a special livestream event on January 27 2 p.m. EST to watch and hear the festivities happening around the world motivational messages from celebrities including Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile actress Lyric Heard and Olympic champion Nathan Chen, And dance with KIDZ BOP.

It’s going to be a worthwhile experience for kids and adults alike, and crayola is ready Make Crayola Creativity Week 2023 the Best Ever!

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