The life-threatening injury to Dummer Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills during Monday night’s game in Cincinnati against the Bengals sent shockwaves around the league and the sporting world.

Here’s what to know:

In the first quarter of the game, 24-year-old safety Hamlin tackled Bengals receiver Tye Higgins to the ground. After the tackle, Hamlin stood up and took two steps but then collapsed on the turf. Higgins was not hurt.

Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and was given CPR, and his heartbeat was restarted on the field. After this he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Information about his condition was released by the team and was more specific than the NFL’s typical injury reports.

After about an hour, and through conflicting reports as to whether play could resume, the game was postponed indefinitely.

Instead of scores and highlights, fans depended on the sport’s broadcaster, ESPN, for news about a horrific injury. “It was a nightmare,” said the game’s play-by-play announcer Joe Buck. “This was definitely nothing that anyone was prepared for. You have all that hype and buildup, and everyone can’t wait to see this matchup, and in the snap of a finger it’s all over.” Football just goes out the window.”

It is not yet known why Hamlin’s heart stopped. But cardiac experts said the injury to his chest may have sent his heart into arrhythmia. This injury is unusual: The chest must be struck in a brief moment – ​​about 20 milliseconds – while the heart is at rest.

His condition remains critical in the hospital. “They’re trying to get her to breathe on her own,” her uncle Dorian Glenn told NFL Network on Tuesday.

Hamlin McKees Rocks, Pa. is from, and went to college in nearby Pittsburgh. He was a sixth-round draft pick in 2021 and became the starter for the Bills in September 2022.

While in college, he organized a toy drive. Since his injury, nearly 200,000 people have contributed more than $6 million to it, including star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, among many others. Jordan Rooney, marketing representative for Hamlin, has said the money will go to Hamlin’s charitable foundation,

“Whether it’s adversity or high times, working for your charity, or helping an athlete or student with less potential,” said Terry Totten, his high school coach at Central Catholic. “Whatever it was, he was stable, calm and sure of himself. A true leader by example. He is an incredible person.

The game was stopped after nine minutes and the Bengals led 7–3. The league has said that play will not resume this week; Which leaves it with several options, none of them ideal.

It could advance the playoff schedule to get the remaining games, call the game a tie, cancel it entirely, or award it to the Bengals, among other possibilities.

The game is important from a competitive perspective: it could have a significant impact on which team gets the AFC’s No. 1 seed and a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

Games scheduled for this weekend – the final week of the regular season – are now proceeding as planned.

Immediately after the injury, players from both teams looked distraught, some crying and others praying.

“The game is not important,” jj watt said of the Cardinals on Twitter. Asphalt Hamlin’s life matters. Please be fine Please.”

The players returned to practice on Wednesday. Teams were reminded about the league’s mental health and support resources.

Fans have also reacted with well wishes and concern about the players’ injuries.

It’s been a tough year for the city, with a mass shooting at a supermarket in May and a deadly blizzard over the holidays. The Bills, who are 12-3, have been a bright spot.

“It’s been the snowball I expected it to turn into,” said Erie County Executive Mark Polonkarz. “Karma is owed to us.”

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