Drake Bell Found Alive After Going Missing: Details


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Drake Bell Found Alive After Going Missing: Details

Drake Bell Found After Disappearing

Drake Bell was found after he was reported missing on Thursday 13 April.

“We can confirm law enforcement is on call and Mr. Bell is safe,” the Daytona Beach Police Department wrote through a spokesperson. facebook hours after the 36-year-old Nickelodeon alum was reported missing.


Earlier Thursday, the DBPD released a whereabouts statement for alumnus Drake and Josh, whose “last known location is potentially in the mainland high school area on 4/12/2023, shortly before 9 p.m.,” the site said in a statement. Official law enforcement Facebook page. Bell, who was “presumed missing and endangered”, was advised at the time to “travel in a gray 2022 BMW”.

Despite a successful career on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s, thanks to the star, The Amanda Show and his title hit, Drake and Josh (together with colleague Josh Peck), it’s Bell’s disturbing off-screen behavior that has made headlines in recent years.

In July 2021, the Found a Way musician was sentenced to two years of probation – and 200 hours of community service – after pleading guilty to two counts of attempting to endanger children and distributing material harmful to minors in 2017. .


“I just want to say today that I accept this statement because my behavior was wrong,” Bell said during the sentencing. “I’m sorry the victim was hurt in any way, but that was clearly not my intention. I take this matter very seriously and once again want to apologize to her and everyone who may have been affected by my actions.”

In the same month, the actor had a boy with his then wife. Janet von Schmeling. They got married in 2018 and reportedly broke up in January. (Von Schmeling shared and then deleted an Instagram post about their “separation” in November 2022.)

While still on probation, Bell made headlines again in December 2022 when Us weekly broke the news that he was spotted puffing on balloons.

“Drake drove up to his house (in Los Angeles) and started blowing up the pink balloon he had on his lap. He inhaled it … (until) the balloon was deflated, ”said an eyewitness. Us while. Yours, mine and ours the star repeated the act “six or seven times” within 30 minutes, the witness claims. “Eventually he got out and went to his house, then he came back and took his child out of the rear child seat and carried him inside.”


The next day, an eyewitness observed Bell inhaling an inflated blue balloon in his car.

“At some point it seemed that he was about to fall asleep. His head began to drop, and his eyes slowly closed, ”the observer stated. “But in the end he packed up and left. The child was obviously in the car.”

Chief Physician of the American Dr*g Treatment Centers Dr. Lawrence Weinstein exclusively told Us while balloons “may…be a vessel” for inhalants such as nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas). “Based on the data… over the past year, the number of people who ab*se inhalants has increased by more than 11 percent,” the doctor said. Us, noting that inhalant ab*se can cause cognitive impairment, heart failure, sudden death, and more. “(It) is very dangerous,” he stressed.

In addition to the difficulties in his personal life, Bell feuded with 36-year-old Peck, who, in a statement to Diversity while.


After Bell publicly criticized Peck in 2017 for not inviting him to his wedding. Paige O’Brien, how i met your father the actor discussed the incident in a March 2022 episode of the BFFs podcast.

“I’m getting married that night and I see these text messages from him like he’s cursing me and coming for me. On the night of my wedding, Wackness the star recalled, explaining that he forced Bell to apologize to his wife at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. that I’m 31 now and I could have lost your number.” Peck added that the duet is “dirty”. “Little Secret” was that they weren’t close anymore after filming the show, but he didn’t want fans to know about it.

“I was happy to just die with this secret that we did something that people really loved, but we weren’t that close,” he said at the time.

Bell, for his part, disagreed with his former colleague’s version of events.

“What bothered me was that he said, ‘Oh, we weren’t friends,'” the musician said later that month on his own podcast with *von Schmeling, “Drake and Janet,” saying that the two have actually been in touch for many years. “We had ups and downs. We had times when we wanted to kill each other. We were like brothers. I know Josh and I’m closer to Josh than my brothers.”

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