Ford Fry Of Rocket Farm Restaurants On Making Memorable Customer Experiences


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Ford Fry of Rocket Farm Restaurants on Making Memorable Customer Experiences

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Ford Frychef and restaurant founder Rocket Farm Restaurants, is passionate about creating emotional experiences for his clients. What sets Fry apart from other restaurateurs is his commitment to helping others achieve their dreams.


“I’ve just always been a dreamer,” says Chief Ford Fry Sean Walshef of CaliBBQ Media. “If there are other, younger people who want to do this, I want to help them, because there is nothing better than when someone reaches out to me.”

The Rocket Farm Restaurants umbrella includes popular restaurants such as State of Grace, Superica, and others in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Houston.

Fry’s goal is to continue to create restaurants that are relevant, timeless and inspiring, and do so in unique, soulful spaces. He wants to run restaurants around customer satisfaction and growth, not just sales benchmarks. “I love finding talent in the region and putting those people in an environment where they can learn and grow,” says Fry.


For Fry, technology is playing an increasingly important role in his restaurant empire.

“It’s huge,” he says of restaurant technology. “We have a department that does this. It has just grown over the years… People use it as a direct link to the restaurant.”

It’s not just about using technology to streamline operations. It’s also about creating emotional bonds with his clients. For example, Ford Fry created specifically Spotify playlists create the right atmosphere for restaurant visitors and website visitors.

“That’s what we do.” Fry says. “We create an environment where people come and experience each other. You know? Get to know your girlfriend or boyfriend, get to know your spouse, your parents, your kids, and those are memories.”


Ford Fry is a man passionate about creating experiences and helping others achieve their dreams. One step towards any of his many concepts will provide an unforgettable experience, and this is exactly what he strives for every day.



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