Fox News Apologizes To Judge For 'misunderstanding' Over Rupert Murdoch's Role That Sparked Investigation


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Fox News apologizes to judge for ‘misunderstanding’ over Rupert Murdoch’s role that sparked investigation

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According to a letter obtained by CNN, Fox News has formally apologized to the judge in the Dominion libel case, taking responsibility for a “misunderstanding” about Rupert Murdoch’s role on the network that prompted the judge to launch an investigation into potential Fox misconduct.

In a letter dated Friday and filed in court, Fox attorney Blake Rohrbacher said the right-wing network “never intended to leak information” and that its inaccurate representations of Murdoch’s official role at Fox News “were not intended to mislead Sue or avoid the question.”

“We understand the Court’s concerns, we apologize and are committed to clear and complete communication with the Court going forward,” Rohrbacher wrote, later adding that “we had to provide the Court with a full and prompt response to the Court’s questions regarding the identity of all Fox News employees.” . We apologize and never intended to evade the Court’s question.”


The legal spat revolves around Murdoch’s roles at Fox News and its parent company Fox Corporation. In past court documents and when the judge asked him directly, Fox lawyers have repeatedly stated that he did not have an official title on Fox News. But Fox revealed last week that he is also the chief executive of Fox News.

Dominion says the difference may have narrowed down what Fox handed over as part of the investigation process into the case, potentially preventing the voting technology company from receiving more Murdoch-related emails and text messages. The judge was furious at Fox’s misrepresentations and said he would bring in an outside lawyer to investigate whether Fox had lied to the court and withheld evidence from Dominion.

Mea culpa from Fox arrives ahead of the trial, with opening statements expected on Monday.

At a hearing last week in Wilmington, Delaware, Fox’s attorneys said they never withheld any material from Dominion. They claim that Murdoch did not participate in any of the allegedly slanderous broadcasts in 2020, and in his testimony, he testified that he had never heard of Dominion.


Delaware Supreme Court Justice Eric Davis balked at the matter at Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, saying, “My problem is that I’ve been represented multiple times that he’s not a Fox News employee.” At another hearing the next day, he told Fox’s lawyers, “I need people to tell me the truth, and by the way, silence is a lie.”

Fox denies slandering Dominion and says the lawsuit could seriously undermine press freedom.


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