I can’t decide which is worse: Republican politicians who lie, their Republican allies who have remained silent about the lies, or voters who don’t mind being duped by a liar.

The George Santos Saga Has Been Everywhere Since The New York Times open During his campaign he built a mountain of lies, that’s a lie accepted from – sorry, “ornate” – and that Continuous To To pile up after he was elected.

In the private sector, you usually pay the price for lying on your resume. But this is Congress, and now a Long Island Republican member is lying. The idea of ​​a liar taking an oath of allegiance to the Constitution is as bizarre as it is sickening.

Santos remains shameless. sadly so are his Republican allies, as long as the “word”east” either “outgoing“There’s no risk in slandering one of our own—next to his name. Or we get a silent call to the House Ethics Committee’s investigation. But not one of the 118 incoming Republicansth Congress has raised its voice.

How ironic that Republicans would fire lifelong conservative Liz Cheney for seeking the truth about an isolated liar, but regarding Santos, Honest Abe’s party has remained silent.

But they know. They know how shameful it is, how damaging it is for a party whose only political achievement has been to lower the bar of morality even further.

Or maybe they don’t care. After all, if Republicans didn’t condemn, collectively, a fatal overthrow attempt our government (let alone the man who lit it), The gross misconduct of a presidential candidate and international extortionistor a credibly accused pedophileand if they refused They certainly wouldn’t condemn a member of their tribe for being a pathological lying deadbeat, after 20 first-degree narcissists committed to changing federal gun laws.

Indeed, several insiders close to the House GOP leadership knew Santos was lying, but said nothing.

“what can you do?” a senior Republican aide told new york post, “He was the only Republican candidate.”

He is also part of a razor-thin majority in the House. Invertebrate Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) first praised Santos’ victory but then went silent. well sure. Santos pledged to endorse McCarthy for House speaker (can you believe the promises of a proven liar?) and could be a crucial vote for anyone still scrambling for support to win the speakership. .

This perhaps explains the windfall derision of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Maga Crank is now endorsing McCarthy’s speakership bid (apparently in exchange for committee work). defended santos, She accused former Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) of having “zero grace” for tearing into Santos during an interview on Fox News “while George is admitting and lying about his resume.” apologizing for.”

Wait: You’re more upset about Gabbard calling Santos out for lying than Santos for lying? then explain yourself Daily Caller op-ed A week ago when you wrote, “Lying on base is a red line for me.”

Yes suppose Green would have been shouting a different line if Santos had been a Democrat?

Too bad POLITICO can no longer go back to New York’s 3rd Congressional District and talk to Santos supporters before his interview with Gabbard.

Daniel Zimmerman, a 70-year-old registered Democrat and no relation to Santos’ Democratic opponent Robert Zimmerman, told Politico That’s when he would vote for Santos again, despite The Times’ blockbuster account. “I’m a Republican because the Democrats, they’re destroying our country,” he said.

“I don’t trust anything the Democrats say,” said another Santos supporter, who would not like to be named for privacy reasons.

I wonder what the voters are saying now?

other residents of the district passed protestedand santos is beating him up facebook page, but almost all voters can do this. They cannot remember him. Constitution stop no such mechanism To recall federal MPs. Santos can only resign or be expelled, which requires a two thirds vote of the members of the House.

Republicans won’t do that. If they do, their district will hold a special election, which Democrats will almost certainly win, reducing the GOP’s small House majority.

Hey Republican! How would you address the Jorge Santos scandal?

Answer: Hunter Biden had a laptop.

Legal developments may force Republicans to vote for expulsion. Santos is to face Many ability Test into his questionable past, which could result in jail time. Certainly a better use of our tax dollars than paying his congressman’s salary.

Meanwhile, Santos has yet to admit that he lied. Instead, he has done a lingual tap dance, calling his lie an “embellishment”, “poor choice of words,” or the opposite “Jew-ish”, to explain his campaign’s claim about being a “proud American Jew”. (his district is more than 20 percent Jewish,

“Many people overstate or twist their resumes a bit,” Santos told WABC radio,

understood. Everyone else is doing it. These are the excuses we make to justify doing what we know is wrong. I’ve never understood why “everybody’s doing it” is such an attractive idea to a nation that prides itself on individuality as ours does or why it’s such an attractive idea to any Republican whose party Inculcates the qualities of personal responsibility and accountability.

Conservative outlets certainly aren’t going there. who once embraced Santos are now ignoring him, Gabbard is easy to find interview on Google than on the Fox News website. I can’t find a single criticism of Santos on any major conservative outlet. Wadda surprise!

These are the people who say they want their country back. funny, in your first opening speechPresident Dwight Eisenhower warned: “Those who value their privileges above their principles soon lose both.”

How soon will the voters do the same to these Republicans?

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