Great idea, sir: Voc school bans teachers from using sarcasm in class

  • Skegness Academy in Lincolnshire shut it down as part of a ‘guide for support staff’
  • Siddhant outlines that sarcasm cannot be used while talking to students
  • Although parents say some ‘sarcastic teachers’ are their favorites

A school has been reprimanded by parents for booing after teachers were banned from using sarcasm.

Skegness Academy in Lincolnshire has stopped using irony to convey contempt as part of a ‘guide for support staff’.

The doctrine, known as the ‘Skegness Academy Way’, outlined that sarcasm could not be used when speaking to pupils.

The ban applies to all pupils, although parents said some ‘sarcastic teachers’ are their favourites.

Skegness Academy in Lincolnshire (pictured) stops using irony to convey contempt as part of ‘guide for support staff’

One parent said, ‘The whole purpose of the school is to prepare children for the world outside, not to wrap them in cotton wool.’ Sun,

‘And talk about putting staff at a disadvantage – sarcasm is the only fun and kind way to deal with some difficult pupils.’

Another parent claimed the policy was ‘ridiculous’ and that sarcasm could be used to ‘bring unruly children into line’.

A spokesperson for the Academy said: ‘The reference document is not a policy, but a guide to support staff working on our ethos.

‘The context of sarcasm is because it can be difficult for children with special educational needs to process or interpret, and we want to ensure that our students with special educational needs are nurtured in an inclusive environment that includes language and include ways of speaking that are accessible. For them so that they feel fully supported.

‘As we are a fully inclusive academy, our students of different needs and abilities learn alongside each other, so we try to ensure that simple language is used so that it is fully accessible to all pupils. Be accessible from.

In 2014, a professor at a top university was suspended for nine months after being accused of sighing and being sarcastic during a job interview.

Thomas Docherty has been banned from the University of Warwick after allegations he gave off ‘negative vibes’ and undermined the authority of the former head of the English department.

The professor of English and comparative literature is said to have been making ‘sarcastic comments’ and ‘negative body language’ while interviewing candidates for the job.

Professor Docherty was banned from campus and banned from writing references for students without permission during the suspension.


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