Chris Rock hilariously, if simplistically, summed up Social Order on Masculinity: We are primarily valued by the provisions that we bring to the table. Financial stability, sexual prowess, viability as a spades card game partner… we all harbor some degree of insecurity in our ability to perform.

Blame the patriarchy, if you will, but I know that no man becomes a man until or through adulthood without some degree of pressure to, well, be a man. Anyone who suggests that is lying – a form of insecurity itself.

but there is a difference between Keep insecurity – as every human with a pulse does – and being an insecure Human. UnfortunatelyMale Like Daystar “Tory Lanez” Peterson fits the latter bill, wearing his all-consuming insecurity like a pleather trench coat on a sweltering summer day.

Often, when insecurity and fragility permeate every fiber of a man’s being, it manifests itself in relatively benign behavior, like anonymously arguing with strangers in a comment section or texting Candace Owens for money. contribute. But in Lenz’s case someone was shot.

“Who shot Megan Thee Stallion?” At least legally, Lenz finally reached its conclusion on 23 December. convicted on three felony charges because, per Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Cathy Ta’s closing arguments, she shot Meg to attack his fragile male ego.

“(Megan) disrespected his rapping. She’s disrespecting him as a rapper and that pissed him off.” Ta said, “He had a huge ego, and he couldn’t stand disrespect. And how dare he walk away from her. So he maintained his dominance. He was going to show her.

It appears that the proverbial smoking gun that many believe sealed his faith was a ongoing call between Lanez and Megan’s former friend Kelsey Harris, just hours after the Houston rapper was shot. His quotes are full of profanity, but let’s just say you had to attend Jussie Smollett’s Academy of Quantum Leaps to hear it and still believe Lenz is not guilty.

You could follow this case passively, as I did, and still see Lenz’s wee baby energy splashed all around, especially in his 2020 “morning Star, album. It once tried to take advantage of the shooting and free it from it. Fortunately, many music critics saw through desperate musical attempt,

Let’s say you move in with your former high-school classmate Full-Tilt Black Hebrew Israelis in their 20s and all vloggers Joe, who has apparently been hiding his forensic science degree this whole time, starts obsessing about Lenz out of nowhere and is still convinced that, somehow, that bullet hit Megan in the leg. try to forgive nice thread on twitter With several instances of Lenz behaving like a violent little man.

The talk of the big Smurf in the room: Lenz is according to him arrest report, 5-foot-3. This makes her about 9 inches shorter than Meg and a likely prime candidate for lying on her online dating profile. He’s like every angry, dimwitted dude I remember from school, except he’s managed to have a career as a middle manager instead of taking his “revenge of life” on the staff somewhere.

In fact, it appears that money, fame and success don’t really do much to ease the issues of fragile men (see: every time dj academic gets caught on video, Lenz’s music is unlikely to ever enter the Library of Congress, but his career is not insignificant – he has made a Billboard Top 10 as a guest on a Jack Harlow track, with a couple of additions reaching the Top 50. Unfortunately, most aspiring pop stars will never achieve what they have.

In addition to musical accomplishments, warnings outside of Lenz’s talents have done enough to damage his career and send him into the pokies. He has now placed a permanent asterisk next to his accolade that will forever read, “Here lies the little man who shot a woman who bruised her ego.”

Andrew Tate is a more recent example of a “successful” person whose elephantine ego put him down badly. Best described as the pernicious lovechild of Kevin Samuels and Archie Bunker, Tate has made a living commodity rank misogynistically and has become a patron saint, to the extent that friend bounced from most social media Last year,

36 year old decided pick a twitter fight With activist Greta Thunberg, who stopped being a teenager on Wednesday. Tate’s tweet, in which he brags about his luxury cars and their emissions, sounds like a 7-year-old boy sprinting across a playground to impress a girl he likes. what could happen to twitter Most Liked ClapbackThunberg suggested that Tate should aspire to be a “speed in the ocean” type.

His unrighteous funny video reaction For the tweet in which he found pizza boxes, which allegedly alerted Romanian law enforcement to his location and led to his arrest on charges of human trafficking, provides, among other things, all schadenfreude We had to start a new year.

Perhaps the most egregious example of an unruly fragile male ego I’ve seen is that of Kanye West, who now follows Ye. We are talking about a man who is considered by many to be one of hip-hop’s greatest and most influential creators; and the creator of a clothing brand who, at one point, had enough money to buy Jesus. Yet he still managed to have a public feud with a guy 16 years his junior over dating his ex-wife. Then, when that wasn’t enough, he perpetuated his toxic behavior by spewing his anti-Semitic views on and off social media.

This “I’ve never got the respect I deserve” was a little cute when you came out two decades ago, but when you have more money and fame than 99% of humans have a few decimal points, and you have Sad ’til you’re still pawing at the impression of rich, white conservatives who don’t give a damn about your black ass.

The tragedy of it all is made even more Greek by the circle of people (mostly men, but not always) who see the consequences these men get for acting on behalf of their egos and yet manage to make excuses for them.

“Everybody’s always trying to tear down a black man!” “he shot himself!” “His mother died… her fault is not his fault!”

Yes, there is a ton of context as to why this male fragility exists, especially in the black community. Many of us have grown up in homes and environments where we are influenced by troubling ideas of “manhood,” in which we are told to solve problems with violence or negativity. Many of us carry it into adulthood and Dr. People like Omar Johnson get to the heart of their “alpha male” tomfoolery.

I won’t pretend that the male ego Ease To scrutinize, even among the best of us. For example, my crew of best friends are all successful, formally educated black men who have little left to prove to the world in our early 40s. But despite being emotionally self-aware and open with each other, there’s always this patina of masculine bullshit that creeps into our interactions, especially as a group.

But the thing about being a grown man is the importance of taking responsibility for your actions. Mental health and “the system” are no excuses for bad behavior. I believe that therapy separates man from his fragile ego and toxic behavior. We in the black community are still coming to therapy in general… men in particular. My seventy-year-old Black dad from rural Louisiana was never about that medical life, so I had to reach my late 30s to get there.

My hope is that, as more Black Millennials birth and raise children, they will do so with less focus on antiquated ways of “manhood,” less fragile male egos, and healthier approaches to problem-solving. And I hope that, when Tory Lanez sits his dumb ass down for a few years, he can have an honest conversation with an objective professional and become a more humble, enlightened person to spread a new message to the masses. Could

Again, checking the male ego isn’t necessary, but it’s never too late to try.

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