How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Being Verified On Instagram


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How Entrepreneurs Benefit From Being Verified on Instagram

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If you have an Instagram account, you’ve probably always dreamed of having a blue checkmark next to your name. There’s just something about it that lets people know you’re important.


I recently got verified on Instagram, and to be honest, the chase was more interesting than the loot. But over the past four weeks, I’ve noticed amazing benefits of Instagram verification that I didn’t expect.

Here are the top five benefits I’ve noticed and gained from Instagram verification.

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Benefit #1: Easier to keep/raise prices

I always encourage potential clients to follow me on social media as part of my sales process. I especially enjoy sending people to LinkedIn and Instagram. I love sending leads to my social media accounts because my personal brand does all the hard work for me. I set up these accounts so that people would be willing to attend future meetings and buy.

Potential customers more inclined to buy from me have made it easy to raise my prices and charge exactly what I’m worth.

I could still do it without verification, but the blue badge next to my name made me feel more confident asking what I’m worth.

Benefit #2: Famous Accounts Follow You

I follow several famous public figures on social media. This includes athletes, entrepreneurs, journalists and everyone else. I especially enjoy reading people’s posts and watching their stories. When a verified account likes a post or watches someone’s stories, it stands out noticeably.


That’s enough for the high profile account I’m following to check out my page and eventually follow me. I noticed this benefit by accident after four high profile verified accounts unexpectedly followed me within a week.

This can be very valuable to the network.

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Benefit #3: Increased Trust and Authority

I already had enough trust in my Instagram account without the blue check mark next to my name. I have earned this credibility through the accumulated press by showing off my accomplishments and customer research. However, the blue check next to my name was the icing on the cake and helped put everything together. The blue checkmark has a way of making others perceive you as a person of trust and authority.


Benefit #4: It’s easier to close deals with high-profile individuals

I recently attended an event where a well-known motivational speaker took the stage. In the middle of his talk, I had the idea to approach him later and offer to help write his book. At the end of the event, I managed to cross paths with him and talk to him for a bit. At the right moment, I offered to help him write his book. He was a little interested, but his interest vanished as soon as I showed him my Instagram account and the book I was writing.

As soon as he saw my page, his excitement went through the roof, and the next day I booked an appointment through his assistant.

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Benefit #5: Fewer Rejections and No Shows

I’ve noticed this not only in business, but also in dating: the number of rejections and no-shows I get has decreased. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with being verified on Instagram, but I’ve noticed that people are starting to value me and my time more seriously.

This is a great way to significantly reduce flakes and no-shows. Verification is the icing on the cake indicating that you are in demand.

In fact, verification on Instagram does not mean anything. When I first got the blue tick, I honestly felt so empty. But when you pair the blue badge with your goal, it affects your self-esteem. It can make you feel like you’re already a rock star or already have a million or billion dollar business.

Now, you don’t want it to go to your head where you’re delirious, but I’ve noticed that it helps you put in more effort towards your dreams and reassures you that you can do the hard things.

If you think checking out on Instagram is worth it, I highly recommend giving it a try. You will be surprised at the possibilities it gives and the doors it opens.


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