How Exes Tom And Ariana Navigate Sharing Home


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How Exes Tom and Ariana Navigate Sharing Home

Scheana Shay Reveals How Ariana Madix Tom Sandoval Share House Amid Split

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Taking up little space. Sheana Shay said Ariana Madix succeeds after figuring out how to avoid Tom Sandoval when living together in a house.

“She’s doing great. Obviously it was very hard. You know, she misses her partner, the man she thought he was.” host of “Shenanigans” This is stated on Friday, April 7, in the release of the Dear Media podcast. “And they still live together in the same house. So she can’t fully move on while he’s still in and out of her house.”


40-year-old Sandoval cheated on 37-year-old Madix with a friend Vanderpump Rules cast Raquel Lewis. As soon as Madix found out about the affair in early March, she and Sandoval ended their nine-year relationship. However, the exes still share the 5-bedroom home they bought in 2019 for $2.075 million.

Shay revealed that Tom Sandoval and Most Extras frontman contacts a middleman before entering the house. “Now he has agreed to communicate with a third party, telling either his assistant or one of her best friends when he needs to come to the house, or if he needs to stay in the guest room, if he needs to come for something. things or something like that,” the Good as Gold singer explained.


She added that this is an improvement over the way Sandoval behaved immediately after the breakup.

“I think he’s trying to be more respectful of her,” Shea said. “But in the beginning it was like, ‘This is my house! I pay half the mortgage, I’ll come and go as I please,” recalls Shay. “And it’s like, ‘Bro, you just blew her world up. The least you can do is give her some space. It’s called a hotel!

She further explained that he could not stay with a business partner. Tom Schwartz “because Joe (venberg) There is.”

Schwartz, 40, recently revealed that he knew in late August 2022 that Sandoval and Leviss, 28, had a “one-night stand.” In January, Sandoval admitted to Schwartz that he was “in love” with a former beauty pageant contestant, Schwartz told Watch what’s happening live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, April 6th.


Shay, for her part, feels betrayed by Lewiss, Sandoval, and Schwartz. “I have never experienced this level of betrayal,” she said on her podcast.

“All three were at my wedding! What should I do with these photos? she asked. She jokingly added, “I should just put Lala’s face on Raquel in the bridesmaids photos.”

Sandoval and Leviss apologized to Madix last month after their romance went public. However, the affair was not the only point of contention between Lewis and Shay. The California native filed a temporary restraining order against the singer following an alleged fight on March 2.

Leviss alleged in court documents that Shay punched her, resulting in the alleged bruising of her face, after learning of Levissa’s affair with Sandoval.


However, Shay claimed that she pushed Leviss only because she was so overwhelmed by the revelation of the affair.

“There are barkers and biters in this group. And that night I was a biter. I was speechless because nothing was getting through to her,” Shay said during the March episode of the Scheananigans podcast. “When she touched me, I was just furious. I just said, “Get off me! Get out of my space. I just needed her to be away from me at that moment.”

After Pump Rules reunion season 10 taped on March 23 – which required Leviss and Shay to film separately to comply with legal order – Leviss released a statement saying she intended overturn a restraining order.

“I can confirm that my attorney removed my case from the court calendar on Wednesday and is filing the relevant documents requested by the court today to deny TRO from moving forward after the 29th,” Leviss said in a March 24 statement. the court knows that I will not advance a permanent restraining order.”


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