How Uber's Robotics Partner Is Reinventing The $310B Food Delivery Industry


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How Uber’s Robotics Partner Is Reinventing the $310B Food Delivery Industry

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Serve Sidewalk delivery robots roll around the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco, delivering more than 20,000 food items. The company’s next mission? Country scaling. And the team wants to take Entrepreneur readers along with them (learn more about the opportunity to invest in Serve Robotics Here).


Serve has signed contracts with existing partners to deploy thousands of robots in several cities. And this is just the beginning.

Serve technology is the future of sidewalk delivery, $310 Billion Market Opportunity. That’s why they’re leading the way, and why you don’t want to miss out on this investment opportunity.

Why brands like Uber and Pizza Hut are turning to Serve.

Submission speaks of delivery robots help reduce supplier costsimprove the customer experience and eliminate emissions from car delivery (a driver who circles the same block all day is bad for the ozone layer).


Their delivery robots have a 99% completion rate and 95% on-time deliveries from over 20,000 deliveries still. In comparison, traditional couriers deliver on time only 83%.

In addition to being faster because they don’t get stuck and generate even more traffic, Serve robots can also help you cut costs. Unlike cars, which are expensive to buy, maintain and fill up, Serve says their robots are very efficient for delivering short distances.

That’s why companies like UberEats, 7-Eleven, Walmart and Pizza Hut collaborated with Serve. Serve helps improve reliability, reduce costs and help companies reach zero carbon targets.

Zero-emission Serve robots aim to reduce pollution.

By delivering food door-to-door, Serve Robotics aims to build a more sustainable future. The company aims to cut 5% of its food supply on the road over the next five years, reducing vehicle miles by 1 billion and reducing CO2 emissions by 3 billion metric tons.


Serve’s fleet of autonomous robots is not only powered by electricity, they are also helping to reduce traffic and congestion in city centers. Their efficient delivery process is powered by cameras and sensors that allow the robots to navigate the streets safely, avoid pedestrians, and obey traffic laws.

The robots are designed to be modular and cost effective, allowing Serve Robotics to offer competitive delivery rates while maintaining all of these environmental benefits.

Ultimately, they address the issue of sustainable development from different angles. And they do it with modern technologies.

How Serve innovates in delivery.

Serve has come a long way since launching in 2017 at Postmates and Uber. Now that Serve has grown into a fully independent company, it has the potential to change the entire global delivery industry from within.


With cutting-edge technology and resources, Serve’s team of seasoned tech leaders from companies like DoorDash and Waymo is revolutionizing the way we think about food delivery, bringing an easier and better solution to everyone involved.

Serve robots have reached autonomy level 4, which means they can move around on their own without human supervision in designated areas. This is possible because the advanced set of sensors makes it easy to navigate obstacles on the pavement. And the robot can even use body language to communicate with passing pedestrians.

The filing has already attracted more $42 million investment from global giants such as Uber and NVIDIA. thanks to the technical achievements of their team.

And now you can join them.

Why you should consider investing.

Short distance delivery is a fast growing market, up to $310 billion by 2025. And Serve Robotics is already taking advantage of this growth and is making headway with plans to reach several new cities by 2023.

By combining robotics, software engineering and artificial intelligence, Serve is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the delivery industry and continue to be a leader in its field.

Robots consistently deliver efficient deliveries that are faster, safer, greener and more reliable than traditional delivery methods.

But in addition to the impressive technology at their disposal, they are backed by seasoned industry leaders committed to bringing their ideas to life.

Don’t miss out on this incredible investment opportunity and join Serve Robotics on their mission to revolutionize delivery.

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