WASHINGTON — Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., one of the 21 House far-right hardliners who took major concessions from Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., in exchange for his votes to make her speaker, may be newfound . leverage due to the transaction.

It remains to be seen what Miller of downstate Oakland does with it.

Miller, compared to the other 21 – especially Rep. Matt Getz, R-Fl. – Took a relatively low profile on polling days – began Tuesday afternoon and didn’t end – 15 votes later – until 12:30 AM Saturday.

Miller flipped and voted for McCarthy on the Friday afternoon 12th roll call, helping set the stage for his eventual victory, which he claimed without a single vote.

Thanking others, including former President Donald Trump, Miller said in a statement the chaotic days of voting ended with a “victory for the conservative movement.”

“I look forward to working with the House Republican Conference to stop Joe Biden’s destructive, radical, left-wing agenda,” Miller said.

Illinois sends three Republicans to the House: Miller, Mike Bosse and Darin LaHood. Bose and LaHood were with McCarthy from the beginning.

Among Illinois’ elected officials, Miller is the most ardent supporter of Trump. On Friday, as the conversation to endorse McCarthy received votes in a series of roll calls, Miller said in a tweet referring to Trump, “We are negotiating one of the biggest victories for the conservative movement in the history of Congress. 45 Showcased ‘The Art of the Deal.’

The major concessions won by the 21 would make it more difficult for McCarthy to govern. Under the deal McCarthy was forced to agree, any one member would have the power to call for a vote of no confidence in the speaker—that is, to attempt to “vacate” the speaker’s chair. Ask to vote. to get a new speaker.

Multiple news reports said McCarthy agreed to 21’s demand for three seats on the powerful Rules Committee – the panel that decides what measures actually get up for a vote.

Many of the 21 factions, like Miller, are election deniers and members of the Freedom Caucus. A trio of them on the rules committee meant they could easily block McCarthy’s initiative—by teaming up and not casting their vote with Democrats, who might oppose McCarthy’s legislative priorities.

Usually the rules committee sends legislation to the floor – or bottles up – depending on what the majority speaker wants.

“After intense negotiations and hard work by members of the House Freedom Caucus and House Republican leadership, we changed the rules to ensure that a Republican-controlled House cannot betray conservatives the way Senate Republicans did. Biden’s $1.7 trillion omnibus. With 40 years of high inflation and $31 trillion in debt, we must save our country for our children and grandchildren, Miller said.

Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., is the new Democratic whip — the No. 2 Democrat in the House after minority leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Dn.Y. In a CNN interview on Sunday, Clark said the chaotic days that led to McCarthy wrangling his votes — where he acceded to the demands of a handful of GOP members — “not only put the national security of our country at risk, but It also showed that the keys have been handed over to the extremists.

On her 2022 campaign website, Miller claimed she was “the only member of Congress from Illinois who opposed every aspect of the Biden-Pelosi agenda, including the outrageous ‘witch hunt’ of January 6th.”

In the new 118th House – where members were sworn in on Saturday after McCarthy won the gavel – there are currently 222 Republicans and 212 Democrats, with one vacancy.

Getting a bill passed in the House – no matter which party is in control – is a matter of arithmetic. If all 435 seats in the House are filled and all present vote, it takes 218 for a bill to pass. If the 21 who rebelled against McCarthy remain together, the minority will be under the control of the majority party.

Miller revealed the outline of the broad agreement: In addition to keeping the speaker for a short time, his group:

* In one of the last major acts of the 117th Congress – with GOP support – the House and Senate have the power to block omnibus bills.

  • Has the power to block an increase in the debt ceiling, with an impasse potentially leading to a government shutdown.
  • Create, as Miller said, “a committee to investigate the weaponization of the federal government, including Biden’s Department of Justice.”

Miller, a farmer who represents the heavily Republican 15th Congressional District in southern Illinois, grew up in suburban Naperville and won his second term in November. She has served on the House Agriculture Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee, but is best known for her activism against abortion, gun control measures, and other hot-button social issues.

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