There’s something special about the number 3 in baseball. Three strikes and you’re out. Three outs and your team is out. A game consists of three sets of three innings. Three times 30 gives you the distance between the bases. Three times 20 gives you the distance between the mound and home plate. What could be more exciting than watching a player go for a “three-bagger”? Cubs manager David Ross wears No. 3. White Sox retired Harold Baines No. 3. And, of course, Babe Ruth wore No. 3. Three blind mice, three bears and Huey, Dewey and Louie, Donald Duck’s three nephews.

This brings us to the year 2023, a year marked by “3.” ends in Good luck for these three sets of three questions. Have fun, and learn a lot.

1. In 1923, Hall of Fame pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander won 22 games for the Cubs despite allowing a league-leading 17 homers. For perspective, nine pitchers allowed 17 homers last season, and they tied for 66th in the majors. None pitched more than 152 innings. Sikandar scored 305 runs in that season. In 1952, a film was made about Alexander’s life called “The Winning Team”. Doris Day portrayed his wife. Who played Alexander?

One. rock hudson B. Jimmy Stewart

C. Ronald Reagan D. karl malden

2. In 1933, Hall of Fame outfielder Al Simmons drove in 119 runs while playing for the White Sox. It was his 10th consecutive season to start his career with over 100 RBIs. (He made it 11 the following season.) In 1933, he also had 200 hits. It was his sixth season with over 200 hits and over 100 RBIs. Who holds the record for most seasons with that combo?

One. al simmons B. Alex Rodriguez

C. lou gehrig D. Vladimir Guerrero

3. In 1943, the Yankees beat the Cardinals in the World Series. The Cubs were the club in fifth place, and the White Sox finished fourth. Bill Nicholson of the Cubs led Chicago and the National League with 29 homers, and Rudy York of the Tigers led the majors with 34. There were not many homers that season. How many of the 16 teams hit more homers than the 62 that Aaron Judge hit last season?

One. 6 B. 7

C. 10 D. 12

4. In 1953, Major League Baseball moved a team for the first time in 50 years. Which team left? Give yourself extra points if you know more than .

One. exercise B. Braves

C. Brown’s D. senators

5. The stars shone brightly in 1963. Which of the following is not a round-number achievement?

One. Willie McCovey hit his 100th career home run.

B. Al Kaline hit his 200th career home run.

C. Willie Mays hit his 400th career home run.

D. Ernie Banks hit his 400th career home run.

6. In 1973, the American League adopted the designated-hitter rule. As you remember from the previous quiz, Ron Blomberg of the Yankees became the first DH in MLB history on April 6th. Who had the most?

One. Mike Andrews B. Ken Henderson

C. carlos may

7. In 1983, the White Sox won 99 games and the AL West. The Cubs lost 91 games and did not win the NL East. (The fact that the Sox were in the West and the Cubs were in the East is a discussion for another time.) The Sox’ Tony La Russa and the Dodgers’ Tommy Lasorda were Manager of the Year, and Lamar Hoyt was the AL Cy. Young Winner. The Sox also had the AL Rookie of the Year. who was that?

One. Harold Baines B. ron kittel

C. Rudy Law D. Mike Boddiker

8. In 2013, the major leagues consisted of two leagues consisting of three divisions for the first time. What happened that allowed this to happen?

One. The clergy were created.

B. The Brewers moved to the National League.

C. The Astros moved to the American League.

D. All of the above.

9. Name the only MLB player to end his career with 2,023 hits. On August 15, 1999, he homered in his final at-bat. He spent part of his career with the White Sox.

One. Ken Singleton B. amos otis

C. brandon phillips D. Tony Phillips

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1. Pete Alexander (as he was called) was played by Ronald Reagan. Major-leaguers Bob Lemon, Jerry Priddy, Peanuts Lowrey, George Metkovich, Irv Noren, Hank Sawyer, Al Zarilla, and Gene Mauch all appeared in the film.

2. Simmons did this six times. A-Rod did it three times, Vlad four times, and Lou Gehrig eight times.

3. In 1943, in the AL, the Yankees hit 100 homers, the Browns 78, and the Tigers 77. In the NL, the New York Giants hit 81 homers, the Cardinals 70, and the Phillies 66. Only six teams had more than one judge. The Cubs hit 52 and the White Sox hit 33.

4. The Boston Braves move into Milwaukee’s beautiful new County Stadium.

5. Kaline hit his 200th career home run on June 10. Willie Mays hit No. 400 on August 27. “Stretch” hit No. 100 on 5 September.

6. Carlos May had the most plate appearances with 312. Mike Andrews was the White Sox’ first DH and was released in July.

7. Franco and Boddiker finished second and third, respectively, in the voting. I wanted Rudy Law to win because his name started with “La”, but his rookie season was in 1980. Ron Kittle was Rookie of the Year. He made the All-Star team (his only time) and led the league in strikeouts.

8. The Astros’ move to the AL West separated the two 15-team leagues into three five-team divisions. With an odd number of teams in each league, interleague games were played nearly every day during the season. Both Chicago teams were placed in the Central Divisions of their respective leagues.

9. Tony Phillips had 2,023 hits, 201 of them coming in 189 games he played for the White Sox in 1996 and ’97. He homered in his last MLB at-bat.

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