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Landlord says McDonald’s is blocking a historic renovation

The owner of a historic office building downtown had to deal with any landlord’s nightmare last week — a burst pipe that carried water several floors up. But he said that this is not his biggest problem regarding the property.

Attorney Steven DeGraff wants to convert the old Delaware Building at 36 W. Randolph St. to housing, in line with the city government’s push for more housing in the Loop. But he said he is stymied by fast-food giant McDonald’s, which until a few years ago had a restaurant in the building.

McDonald’s still has a long-term lease for the first two floors. DeGraff said the Chicago-based company would not agree to the design changes required for the upgrade.

DeGraff, with the law firm Much Shelist, said McDonald’s is being stubborn, even though it has told him it will not reopen the location. At issue is about 93 square feet DeGraff said he needed to take from the site of the shuttered restaurant. He added that if he were to convert the building into residential it would provide a second entrance as required under the fire code.

“They have their lease out and have said they’re never coming back. But they’ve declined every offer I’ve made to them” for a second entrance, DeGraff said. ‘Buy me.'”

A McDonald’s media representative did not comment; A real estate executive for the company could not be reached.

The building is eight stories tall and only about 32,000 square feet, its small floor space and windows not attractive to many of today’s companies. It is mostly vacant, but with a jeweler on the ground floor. DeGraff said that with a site near the James M. Nederlander Theater, Paterino’s restaurant, and Block 37, the building would serve better as approximately 64 apartments. He estimated the work would cost about $15 million.

DeGraff, part of a partnership that owns the site, said McDonald’s pays only $1 a year in rent and 39% of the building’s property taxes. He called it the “Sweetheart Deal”, which dates from when the company owned the building decades ago.

David Roeder has more information on Delaware Building here.

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  1. Charges were filed last year in a shooting outside the Near North Bowling Alley that left a woman dead and her sister injured. A 36-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and felony discharge of a weapon, according to Chicago police.
  2. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office said yesterday that the number of opioid deaths in Cook County last year set a new record, possibly reaching more than 2,000 once all autopsy tests are completed. As troubling as those numbers are, UIC researchers say the county may be seriously underreporting opioid deaths. Our Sophie Sherry and Tom Scooba have more here.
  3. A judge has overturned the murder conviction of a woman whose case was linked to an infamous Chicago police det. Reinaldo Guevara. He is among dozens of people convicted of murder whose convictions were overturned due to allegations that Guevara framed them.
  4. Religious leaders from Chicago to Highland Park are calling on state lawmakers to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Seventy-five pastors, rabbis and imams sent a letter to the Illinois legislature urging it to pass the Protect Illinois Communities Act during its five-day lame-duck session beginning today.
  5. Economic development group World Business Chicago announced today a renewed focus on development in not only the city but seven counties in Northeast Illinois. The group also gathered political and civic leaders to pledge their cooperation with the public-private partnership, our David Roeder reports.
  6. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is running an attack ad targeting rival US Representative Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. The ad questions Garcia’s ties to two accused political powerhouses: one-time cryptocurrency billionaire Samuel Bankman-Fried and former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan.
  7. Eld. Ray Lopez (15th) today endorsed millionaire businessman Willie Wilson for mayor of Chicago. One of Mayor Lightfoot’s most outspoken critics, Lopez was the first woman to join the crowded race — and the first to drop out of the race on Nov. 21.
  8. Change is coming to Portillo’s — as of January 16, its drive-thrus will be cashless. The company says that cash will still be accepted inside their restaurants.

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Chicago-area siblings head to finale on Peacock series ‘Baking It’

Peacock’s original competition series “Baking It” is serving up a slice of Sweet Home Chicago in its second season as local siblings Rima and Ravi Patel continue their quest for the title of Best Baking Duo and the serious dough that comes with it. Places: $50,000 cash prize.

The Glendale Heights sibling team have been strong contenders since the start of the season, which premiered on Dec. 12, with the last eight teams from Home Bakers advancing to make it to the finale showdown that aired on Monday.

The Patels’ unique creations for each episode’s themed competition incorporate culinary cues from the Indian traditions they grew up with, along with the “grandmother judges” – Anne Leonard, Harriet Robin, Norma Zagar and Sherry Williams – of Simultaneously impressing the lovely quartet of hosts. Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler on the way.

Rima’s kitchen in Edgewater holds pictures of siblings Rima and Ravi Patel. The brother-sister duo is competing on Season 2 of Peacock’s “Baking It.”

Anthony Vazquez / Sun-Times

This included making non-traditional savory butter chicken bao in the shape of snakes and rats for Episode 2’s “Bake Your Fears” challenge, in which teams had to make edible representations of their biggest phobias. (Reema states that she has been most afraid of rats since seeing them as a young child while living with her grandparents for a year in India, and Ravi’s biggest fear is snakes).

“Baking isn’t always sweet, which I think people forget. This is a baking competition, not a dessert competition,” said Reema in the episode, explaining her choice of salty rather than sweet treats. His risky move paid off. “It’s exciting,” Poehler told the siblings, who also received a resounding “good job” from the panel of granny judges.

“Baking is not a very Indian thing, but it is fun for us to take flavors that we have loved or techniques that are Indian and incorporate them into our cakes,” Reema said during a recent phone conversation. putting in.” Sun, ahead of the finale episode. “We just wanted to show the versatility of who we are … and introduce new things to people.”

Selena Fragassi has more in common with Rima and Ravi — and some of their recipes — as well.

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How are you feeling about the upcoming mayoral election? Explain

Send us an email at Newsletters@suntimes.com and we may feature your answer in the next afternoon’s edition.

Yesterday we asked you: What’s one question you have for the Chicago mayoral candidates?

Here’s what some of you said…

“Why are you running?” , Angela K Waller

“I will ask the mayoral candidates how they plan to improve Chicago’s recycling and composting programs, as well as how they plan to upgrade bike lane safety around the city.” , Rikka S.

“What are you going to do to reduce violence in general and gangs in particular that is not currently being done?” , jean tanner

“How will you increase ridership and improve safety on the CTA?” , Scott Adams

“What’s your position on traffic cameras?” , Michael Manrique

“How do you protect low-income people from losing their homes to gentrification?” , Randy Volz

“How much money are they budgeting for police misconduct settlements?” , Matt Bone

“What are three key areas you would be different from the current mayor? How will these decisions or policies have a tangible impact on the city? For Lori Lightfoot, what are the three areas you feel you could have handled better and if What will you do to address them if you are re-elected?— Bryce Mitchell

“How do you plan to balance public safety with the need for police reform?” , Anthony C.

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