Inside Bachelor’s Carly Waddell's Dating Life After Evan Divorce


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Inside Bachelor’s Carly Waddell’s Dating Life After Evan Divorce

Bachelors Carly Waddell Hasnt Started Dating After Evan Bass Divorce

Roses for one! Carly Waddell learned the truth about her love life – and how hard she works to meet a new man – after she broke up with Evan Bass.

“I have a dream that one day I will just walk around and meet such a wonderful man, and he will just stun me,” said 37-year-old Waddell exclusively. Us weekly on “Here for the right reasonspodcast. “It’s in my brain. I manifest it for myself.”


The Your Friends Like Me More singer, who announced her divorce from 40-year-old Bass in December 2020, admitted that she hasn’t actually started dating other people yet.

As for dating apps, the Texas native said. Us, “I don’t know if I’m not ready or if I just don’t have the time or energy. I’m not entirely sure of my reasoning.”

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Bachelor alum, who started releasing new music in May, explained that for the last two years she has been “so focused on collecting it all,” including juggling her and Bass’s two kids, that she hasn’t had time to go out into town. (The separated couple have daughter Bella, 5, and son Charlie, 3. Bass also has three sons from past relationships.)


“I could hire a nanny, but right now I don’t care,” Waddell said. Us, showing that she has babies 80 percent of the time. “Maybe when someone comes into my life, then I will start caring. But now I don’t know. Whatever. I’m fine alone. I seem to be doing pretty well.”

TV presenter who met her ex-husband in the third season of the series Bachelor in Paradise she also explained in 2016 that she was “nervous” about shaking her life up again with a new man.

“Now we are so good that someone intervenes and, for example, changes our way of life, which makes me a little nervous,” she said. “I don’t know how comfortable I am with this idea.”

Although Waddell is not starting a new romance just yet, these days she is content with her and Bass’s relationship. The couple, who were married three years before they split, are taking it easy on their co-parenting schedule.


“They go there every weekend. And I remember that at first I thought, “Oh my God, what are they doing there?” But now I’m like, “He did it,” the Dream Train singer said. Us. “If ever there is a problem, like a disease or something like that, we talk about it and solve it. But it’s not a problem. It is very easy.”

The Bachelor Nation star’s newfound balance with the Tennessee native has also allowed her more time to work on her music. Waddell released “Your friends love me moreon Monday, May 1, with five more tracks to be released in the next few months. (The second song “Two Little Angels” is out Friday, May 12.)

“It was the third child for me in the last two and a half years,” she said of the EP. “I am delighted. This is (a) a lot of fun. I have a bunch of really funny ones – I call them, like female empowerment, fun songs.”

The artist called her first new song “explosive”, noting that “it’s so funny” and “very interesting.” However, Waddell insisted that the tune was not about Bass, despite their recent breakup.


“I don’t Taylor Swiftsaid the old reality. Us with a laugh. “It’s not about Evan! People can interpret how they want – they will do it anyway.”


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