Olivia Beaver, We’re still in the press gallery and we’re looking at the alert. It’s getting closer to us.

Sarah Ferris, At one point, I saw a group of officials drag House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and House Majority Whip Clyburn off the floor in a loud scuffle.

Olivia Beaver, Then an employee of the House Press Gallery ran after us and closed the door.

marian levin, Senate Correspondent, Then there was an announcement that the building was not safe. Intercom, probably Capitol Police. We decided to surround the doorways with sofas and chairs. We turned off the lights and we hid behind the desks.

marian levin, We started hearing noises. We could hear that they had gone to the Capitol. We heard a lot of stampedes and cheers and people. We could hear the chant, “Four more years!” and all that.

Burgess Everett, We could hear people shaking the walls. At this point, people are on the Senate floor and all over the Capitol who shouldn’t be. We don’t even know because we’ve turned everything off because we’re trying to pretend there’s nobody in this room. We don’t know who the heck is there. … I just heard banging and shouting, and the police shouting and the radio. I mean, it just looked like bedlam.

stephen voss, There is a security gate on the north side of the Capitol. It was very chaotic there. About a dozen rioters broke themselves through the door, but were then forced out by pepper spray; They fell on top of each other in a heap. Capitol Police tried to shut down the door, but a rioter planted a flag on the top of the door to keep it open. The police kept trying to barricade the door and finally bowed down to the flag. This process went on for about 45 minutes. At one point rioters even used metal barricades to try to break down the door. The glass of the door eventually broke but the police managed to drive out the rioters.

Olivia Beaver, When you see this big change on the bottom floor, especially on the Democratic side, which I could see more clearly because I was closer, that, “Oh sh–, something’s going on.”

Sarah Ferris, Hundreds of legislators, seated on the floor or in the upper galleries, began whispering to each other, some raising their voices to ask what was going on, others checking their phones.

Olivia Beaver, All we could see was the faces of the members: “Is this really happening?”

Melanie Zanona, The members started talking loudly, they were talking to each other, they started talking different things at each other. At one point a member, Steve Cohen, a Democrat, shouted toward the Republican side of the room and said, “Call Trump and tell him to shut it up.” And then a little while later, a lawmaker sitting on the Republican side shot back and said something like, “I bet you liberals are glad you didn’t defund the police.” And then he said, “Let’s hear it for the Capitol Police.” Got some people to clap.

Sarah Ferris, We were also told tear gas shells had been fired, prompting another scuffle on the floor as employees began doling out escape hoods ordered by Congress as an emergency precaution after 9/11.

Olivia Beaver, We see the members pull out these gas masks and you can hear the rumbling sound of rapping.

Melanie Zanona, and the Capitol Police officer said there are protesters [in Statuary Hall]Tear gas shells have been released. And he began to advise everyone where the exhaust hoods were located in the gallery. The gallery workers then started getting out – these were big black duffel bags, and they started taking off these escape hoods. They were wrapped in this foil, wrapped in this foil. It was like a double package.

Olivia Beaver, congressman [Ruben] Gallego stood on a chair and told the people to stay calm and take deep breaths or else they would faint.

Melanie Zanona, As they were exiting the escape hoods on the balcony, a Capitol Police officer said, OK, everybody, you know, put on your hoods, and then someone else got on the microphone. I think it was the new pastor, who is a woman, but a woman’s voice came on the microphone and said, “Let’s pray,” and all the members and staff began to pray and everyone wanted to be saved. is preparing vacated. He made a prayer.

Olivia Beaver, They are being taken out. It’s really on the rise.

Melanie Zanona, And then a police officer is like, “Okay, everybody, follow me.” The way the balconies are set, it seems as if they are fragmented. So we have to climb over these gold railings.

Olivia Beaver, As I was climbing over a railing, this police officer yelled at us to take cover and duck.

Olivia Beaver, There was a moment when a reporter asked me: “Do you think we should take off our press badges?” I said no.

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