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Once the cold weather arrives, I become the layering queen. While I love a nice chunky sweater or bundled up in luxuriously warm fabrics like cashmere and wool, I do tend to overheat and need to be able to remove an item of clothing or two if I enter an excessively hot spot. is (or when my own radiator is acting silly). Which is why I’ve come to rely on one winter wardrobe staple that’s as little as it is an absolute necessity: J. crew tissue turtleneck,

This lightweight 100% cotton turtleneck is a game-changer when it comes to staying cozy and warm and looking chic. I try to stock up on some new tops every season.

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This super soft turtleneck has a classic silhouette that’s fitted and body-skimming, so it won’t bulk you up under a sweater and make you feel like the Michelin Man. That said, it’s not skin-tight, which is essential for all-day comfort that looks timeless and elegant. I often hear people complain that turtlenecks can make them feel claustrophobic, stuffy, and sweaty, but I’m happy to report that isn’t the case with tissue turtlenecks. The fabric is breathable and I never felt like it was too tight around my neck. It has a slight give which keeps it loose in the neck area while providing warmth. It is no wonder that in 2007 J. Crew since it was first launched, and this year the brand shortened the length slightly for a more updated, stylish fit.

It comes in 11 different colors, including some striped options that are oh-so-French and sophisticated. come fall i live these turtles straight through the spring. Neutral hues are perfect for everyday staples, while more vibrant hues add a punchy pop of color to otherwise simple winter outfits. Many reviewers also note that since it’s such a lightweight top, it’s ideal for climates that don’t get too cold in the winter, such as Southern California or Florida. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean you don’t want to be cozy during the long winter!

Cotton turtlenecks are a dime a dozen, as ubiquitous and essential as a good scarf. But year after year I keep coming back to J.Crew’s tissue turtlenecks because of the soft and thin yet durable cotton quality, the highly flattering cut and how effortlessly they layer under sweaters and coats . There is nothing on the market that lives up to the same standard.

If you haven’t treated yourself to this quintessential turtleneck yet, do yourself a favor and stock up now. While you’re at it, take a look at some of the top trusted reviews J Crew’s website, We still have quite a few winters ahead of us, and there’s no better way to fortify the spirit than with essential clothing like this one.

Promising Reviews:

“This is a must have. These are my favorite turtlenecks. I bought 9 of them for the season I have. The fabric is so soft, they are the perfect weight to wear alone or under a fleece. Sometimes Turtlenecks are very confining around the neck but they fit right. Perfect addition to my fall and winter wardrobe. Perfect size with no shrinkage after laundering. – Polly

“Great light turtleneck. It’s almost exactly what I signed up for! The material is thin, but doesn’t feel like it shows my bra – so perfect. I’m normally a size medium, but I fit Sized small to fit so I can tuck it into pants, skirts etc. – Ella

“The perfect turtleneck! I love wearing turtlenecks but I live in Los Angeles and it’s rarely too cold to wear wool or cashmere, so I was ecstatic when I found the tissue turtleneck! It’s our ‘coldest'” The perfect material for winter when the temperature is between 55 and 65. They come in a variety of colors and pair well with a cardigan or jacket if you need a little extra warmth. Warm climates Thank you J.Crew for thinking of us living in. I have two and will be buying more colors this fall!” – Sokalvar

“I love this turtleneck! Usually, I’m too hot and feel trapped. The neck on this one is perfect, and the tissue paper weight is just what I was looking for. I bought two of them last year And this year I bought five more. I really love this turtle neck and it’s a basic staple in my wardrobe. I bought it two sizes up because the smaller size I can wear with a layer under a sleeveless dress Would wear as a piece. Medium I would wear as a regular top.” – Evie

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