BREAKING NEWS: Kevin McCarthy on the brink of losing fourth vote to become speaker: GOP saboteur appears to sink his bid again by endorsing Byron Donalds, no end to farce in Congress

The House looks set to vote against GOP leader Kevin McCarthy as its speaker in a fourth round of ballots on Wednesday, with eight Republicans voting against the California Republican.

All Democrats voted for Democrat leader Hakeem Jefferies, while anti-McCarthy Republicans seemed united behind Florida Representative Byron Donalds. So far 20 Republicans have voted for him.

The day before they rallied behind Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who is a McCarthy supporter but now appears to have dropped out of the race.

Ahead of the vote delegate Chip Roy, a staunch McCarthy deflator, was seen bickering with Jordan on the House floor.

Donalds voted for himself in the race after voting for McCarthy on the first two ballots. On Tuesday’s third ballot he voted for Jordan, saying he realized McCarthy didn’t have the votes and needed to recount.

The House looks set to vote against electing GOP leader Kevin McCarthy as its speaker in a fourth round of ballots on Wednesday.

Rep. Chip Roy got a standing ovation even from Democrats as he nominated the Donald for speaker

Rep. Chip Roy got a standing ovation even from Democrats as he nominated the Donald for speaker

Nineteen Republicans voted against the California Republican in the first two ballots on Tuesday and 20 did so on the third ballot. The House voted to adjourn as it became clear that no progress was being made.

Representative Mike Gallagher nominated McCarthy with a strong defense of the Republican leader and a few jokes about needing popcorn to make it through the chaos of the day. ‘Gallagher for the speaker!’ Rep. Matt Gaetz shouted as Gallagher received a standing ovation during his speech.

Rep. Chip Roy also received a standing ovation from Democrats as he nominated Donald for speaker, noting that it was the first time in history two black candidates were nominated for speaker.

As it becomes more clear the impasse is unlikely to be broken anytime soon, some have suggested that McCarthy’s allies will soon try to negotiate a deal with the Democrats.

Even Rep. Alexandrica Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., suggested to MSNBC that McCarthy might try to cut a deal with Democrats.

‘If he chooses to contact the Democratic caucus, that would be a conversation in and of itself, for a possible coalition government. But, again, these are very unprecedented times.

AOC also questioned whether a deal could include Democratic committee chairs and reiterated in an Instagram post that McCarthy must begin negotiating across the aisle to secure votes.

‘If this goes on, and goes on, and the Republican Party doesn’t have a speaker candidate, something’s got to give,’ he said.

If all Democrats voted for Jefferies, McCarthy could only risk losing four Republican votes and becoming speaker. But if many Democrats switch their votes to ‘Present’ he could win by fewer than 218 votes.

McCarthy-affiliated Representative Mike Rogers also suggested that the GOP leader may have to make a deal with the Democrats if the faction against him does not fall apart soon.

‘There are many things that would be beneficial to them in the minority, many of us would find it more palatable than doing some modifications or something like that,’ Rogers said. ‘It’s a very flexible, universe of things that is negotiable. And that’s a real avenue.

He compared the anti-McCarthy GOP faction to ‘terrorists’.

‘You don’t negotiate with terrorists, whether they’re Islamic terrorists … or these guys are basically political gunmen. Kevin, you don’t deal with the type of legislative terrorists who have no problem killing a hostage,’ Rogers said.

Representative Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, seemed less enthused by the idea.

“I haven’t heard any offers or anything,” he told ‘I don’t know what they can offer that would be attractive to have Kevin McCarthy as speaker.’


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