Kiosks: Types, Uses, And Profitability


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Kiosks: Types, Uses, and Profitability

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With the rise of automation and self-service capabilities, kiosks are becoming a hot topic of discussion among many business owners. But what is a kiosk and is this equipment profitable for a business? Here is everything you need to know about the different types of kiosks and whether they are profitable equipment.


What is a kiosk?

A kiosk is a small computerized booth or digital display screen, usually a tablet or other touch screen computer, enclosed in tablet protective wall mount. Kiosks are often located in high traffic areas and are designed to provide additional information or offer services to passing customers. The kiosk may be staffed by attendants who can assist with a transaction, or it may stand on its own and be available for customer service when people are busy. There are several different types of kiosks, each offering unique services and benefits.

Information kiosks

The information kiosk is the most common type of device and its sole purpose is to provide information to customers. Information kiosks can be a great way to provide customers with resources and answer their questions without disturbing staff. They can be interactive or non-interactive but usually have a menu system to help customers find what they need.

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Self-service kiosks

A self-service kiosk is a device that acts as POS system where customers can check themselves without waiting for the cashier. This is usually a tablet or touch screen computer that allows shoppers to scan items and pay for them. It can be controlled by a human employee in case of a system error or customer questions. Self-service kiosks are a great way to avoid back-up lines when they’re busy and help cut down on the cost of hiring cashiers.

Navigation kiosks

A navigation kiosk is a device that helps visitors navigate the area. You will often see them in a mall or large buildings where visitors need help finding a particular store or department. Navigation kiosks can be a great way to show potential customers exactly where they need to go in order to find you so they don’t get frustrated and just visit another establishment. This can be especially important for businesses that are not easy to find or that are in a large complex with many other stores.

Advertising kiosks

An advertising kiosk is a large backlit digital display that displays advertisements for a business or event. It is usually located in a high traffic area full of potential customers and is intended to sell products or services. It works just like a billboard but offers additional flexibility and convenience as the display can be easily replaced or the kiosk itself can be moved to a different location.

Internet kiosks

Internet kiosks are a special type of kiosk that provide users with access to the Internet and other applications. They can offer visitors full access to the World Wide Web or limit it to a specific page or application based on the goals of the provider. You can offer free internet access to encourage customers to try out a certain software or application, or you can charge a small fee for usage and attract those who just need to do a quick search while they’re running errands. Internet kiosks are a great way to attract new customers and offer exclusive access to digital products or services.


Are kiosks good for business?

The simple answer is yes; Kiosks can be very profitable for many different businesses. However, it depends on your goals and how you use it. For example, self-service kiosks can be a great way to cut the cost of hiring unnecessary employees, although they may not work for all businesses as certain industries benefit from human interaction.

Advertising kiosks are another device that can increase brand awareness and increase sales. This is where you need to have a solid marketing plan in place and research where your ideal clients might hang out.

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Kiosks are relatively inexpensive piece of hardware that serve many different purposes and can certainly help you cut costs and increase revenue. It’s also a great way to provide customers with resources and information that may not directly lead to sales, but can help create new interactions and build brand awareness, which will ultimately help your bottom line.


However, as with any technology, you must have a clear strategy and a clear set of goals in order to make money with a kiosk. If you just put the device in the middle of your storefront and expect it to magically sell your items faster, you will probably be disappointed. If you have a clear goal and use your kiosk effectively, you are sure to see a significant return on investment!


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