Kody And Robyn Brown Have Bad Spending Habits


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Kody and Robyn Brown Have Bad Spending Habits

Gwendlyn Brown Says Her Father Kody and Stepmom Robyn Have a ‘Terrible Habit For Overspending 694

Living beyond your means? Gwendlyn Brown shared her thoughts on how her father, Cody Brownand his current wife, Robin Brownmanage your finances.

“I think my dad and Robin have a terrible habit of spending very wildly and, like, completely beyond their means.” wife’s sisters The 21-year-old star said in YouTube video on Friday, March 31, wrapping up the latest episode of the TLC series. “But also, Janelle (Brown) And Mary (Brown) are somewhat similar to my mother (Christine Brown) and that they won’t be salty or petty and will try to take money from him even if they totally deserve it because he was spending all their money on anything.”


In the clip, Gwendlin noted that her ex-stepmoms “will probably be a lot better off now that they’re not with him anymore and they’re not financially connected to him anymore because you’re still making a lot of money individually.”

Gwendlin is one of 54-year-old Cody and Christina’s six children. The couple who married spiritually in 1994 are also parents aspin28, mikelti26, Pedon24, Isabelle19 years old, and Truly, 12 years old. In November 2021, the couple separated after more than two decades of being together.


“After over 25 years of being together, Cody and I have separated and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” Christine, 50, wrote on Instagram in November 2021. we are raising our beautiful children and supporting our wonderful family. We are currently asking for your grace and kindness as we go through this phase in our family.”

After their breakup, 50-year-old Christine left with her boyfriend. David Woolley.

Cody, for his part, formally married his first wife, Mary, 52, in 1990 until they divorced in 2014. During his first marriage, the Wyoming native was also spiritually married to Janelle, 53, in addition to Christina. However, in December 2022, Janelle confirmed that she and Cody had “separated for a few months”.

Gwendlyn Brown says her father Cody and stepmother Robin have a 'terrible habit' of overspending - 695

Cody Brown, Robin Brown. Puddle Monkey Prods/Cobal/Shutterstock

In December 2014, Cody officially married his current wife, Robin, 44, in order to officially adopt her children from a previous marriage: son david, 23, and daughters Aurora20 and Breanna18.


Gwendlin, for her part, has been candid about her father and her family over the years on her YouTube channel. In February, a Northern Arizona University student shared that the kids Cody shares with multiple partners are “not cohesive” as a family unit, and cited a sibling. Leon — whose mother is Mary — who recently came out as transgender.

“Leon was the odd person in the family from childhood because they didn’t have siblings from their mother that they could really get along with,” she said at the time. “They just probably felt weird. And also the fact that Leon is generally transgender and queer, and he lives in a family that is predominantly of the Mormon fundamentalist faith. Mormonism has traditionally not been kind to homosexuals, especially with a family that is quite conservative and partly against transsexuality in general.”


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