Louisville, Kentucky Shooting: City To Hold Vigil Wednesday To Mourn 5 Killed In Bank Massacre


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Louisville, Kentucky shooting: City to hold vigil Wednesday to mourn 5 killed in bank massacre

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Louisville will picket Wednesday for community members to mourn the five people killed this week in a downtown bank shooting as the public absorbs fresh details investigators release about how the massacre unfolded.


The event comes a day after police released dramatic body camera footage of the Old National Bank shooting on Monday, in which authorities say the 25-year-old employee opened fire on his colleagues and then engaged in a shootout with police before was shot. .

The attacker, who broadcast the horrific attack online, killed five of his colleagues around 8:30 a.m. in Kentucky’s most populous city, about 30 minutes before the facility opened, authorities said. Several more people were hospitalized, including a police recruit who was shot in the head and was in critical condition on Tuesday.

“Our city is heartbroken,” Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday night. “These five victims should not be dead – like everyone else who was killed by gunfire in our city, in our country, should not be dead.”


It is still unclear what provoked the shooter into a deadly rage. As the investigation continues, officials expect to release audio recordings of 911 calls about the shooting on Wednesday, the mayor said.

And the city will hold a vigil at 17:00 on Wednesday at Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, the mayor said.

The demonstration “acknowledges the wounds, physical and emotional, that gun violence leaves,” Greenberg told reporters on Tuesday. “This will be an interfaith opportunity for our entire community to come together — to grieve, to heal, to start moving forward.”

On Tuesday, the Louisville police released body camera video of officers reacting to another mass shooting in the United States.


The public footage begins with a video from Officer Nicholas Wilt — a 26-year-old recruit who graduated from the police academy just 10 days earlier — driving up to the scene with his instructor Cory “CJ” Galloway.

As Wilt ran towards the gunshots encountered by the officers upon arrival, Wilt was shot in the head, police said. The released version of Wilt’s tape cuts off before he is shot.

Body camera footage from Galloway shows him firing and then retreating to safety behind a planter, while officers talk about how they can’t see the shooter and that the gunman is shooting through windows at the front of the bank. At some point, Galloway was also shot dead.

According to Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey, the shooter eventually broke the glass windows in the bank’s lobby, allowing officers to see his whereabouts.


According to Humphrey, Galloway shot the shooter.

According to Louisville Police Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Cromwell, the whole situation – from the moment the shooter started firing his assault weap*n to the moment he was killed by police – lasted about nine minutes.

The shooting killed Joshua Barrick, 40; Juliana Farmer, 45; Dina Eckert, 57; Tommy Elliott, 63; and James Tutt, 64, police said.

Nine people, including Eckert, who died on Monday, were hospitalized after the shooting, officials said. As of Tuesday, five of the eight current survivors have been discharged, a hospital spokesman said.

Among the three victims who remained hospitalized on Tuesday are Wilt, who underwent brain surgery and is in critical condition, and two others who were in fair condition, a hospital spokesman said.

Monday’s massacre in Louisville was one of at least 147 mass shootings this year in the US. G*n violence archivewhich, like CNN, defines a mass shooting as the shooting of four or more people, not counting the shooter.

It took the attacker one minute to complete the bloodbath before he stopped and waited for the police to arrive, according to footage of the massacre described by a city official to CNN.

The shooter, identified by police as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, was live streaming the horrific attack on Instagram – the video has since been deleted.

The Instagram video begins with a display of an AR-15-style weap*n, followed by a bank employee greeting the shooter, the official said.

The armed man then tries to shoot her in the back, but fails because the fuse is on and the weap*n still needs to be loaded, the official said. Once the shooter correctly loads the weap*n and removes the safety, he shoots the worker in the back, the official said.

The attacker continues to rampage, firing at workers who tried to run away from him, the official said. The shooter does not go to other residential floors of the bank, the official specified.

Once the shooter finishes shooting, he sits in a lobby overlooking the street, apparently waiting for police, the official said.

The police arrive about a minute and a half later, after which a shootout ensues before the police end up shooting and killing the shooter, the official said.

Sturgeon worked at the bank for three summers and worked there full-time for about two years, according to his LinkedIn profile. The attacker was notified that he would be fired from the bank, a law enforcement source said on Monday.

The mayor, however, said he did not believe the shooter received a notice of termination.

“From what a bank official told me, this is not true,” Greenberg told reporters on Tuesday.

According to police, Sturgeon used an AR-15 type rifle in the shooting. On Tuesday, Louisville’s acting police chief said he legally purchased the rifle from a local arms dealer six days before the murder.

Bank employees were holding their morning meeting in a conference room when a gunman opened fire, bank manager Rebecca Buchheit-Sims told CNN.

According to her, the massacre “happened very quickly.” Buchheit-Sims virtually attended a staff meeting and watched in horror as gunfire exploded on her computer screen.

“I witnessed people getting killed,” she told CNN. “I don’t know how else to say it.

A former classmate of Sturgeon who knew him and his family well said he never saw any “red flags or signals that this could ever happen”.

“It’s a total shock. He was a really good kid from a really good family,” said a classmate who asked not to be named and has not spoken to Sturgeon in recent years. “I can’t even tell how pointless this is. I can not believe this”.


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