Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan On Midge, Lenny Romance


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Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Rachel Brosnahan on Midge, Lenny Romance

Marvelous Mrs Maisels Rachel Brosnahan Reveals Why Midge and Lenny Are Such a Great Match

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More important than God! The Wonderful Mrs Maisel Rachel Brosnahan talked about the relationship between Midge and Lenny and revealed what she likes most about this fan favorite couple.

“This relationship developed in a way that, as fans will know, I never could have expected. And in fact, I was told that this would never happen, ”said Brosnahan, 32, exclusively. Us weekly on the PaleyFest 2023 red carpet. “But it happened. I mean, I like their relationship. Because when Midge first meets him, he’s like a god. He’s someone – he’s like a prophet. He is the fairy godfather throughout the series. And as the show goes on, as she gets up and starts to find her way, they get closer. They’re just a great couple.”


For four seasons, the popular comedy teased fans with the chemistry between Midge (Brosnahan) and fellow comedian Lenny Bruce (Luke Kirby). The couple quickly became friends after meeting in the back of a police car during the series premiere. As the show went on, their dynamic continued to flourish as they crossed paths at various gigs. While season 3 hinted that the duo could become something more one day, they kept their distance, never crossing the line of romance.

However, in the season 4 finale, the couple finally gave in to their desires and spent the night together in a hotel room. While Brosnahan said Collider in April 2022 that she was initially hesitant to see Midge and Lenny become anything more than just friends, House of cards the alums acknowledged that it ultimately benefited their character development.


“I love that they get together on equal terms and completely on their own terms, and I love that it’s funny and sweet,” Brosnahan enthused in response to the hotel scene. “If they ever get together, despite being totally against it from the start, I couldn’t be happier that they chose to do it this way. I should never have been surprised that they managed to land. It was so much fun.”

'The Amazing Mrs Maisel' Rachel Brosnahan Reveals Why Midge And Lenny Are Such A 'Great Couple'

Rachel Brosnahan as Miriam “Midge” Maisel and Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Philip Antonello / Prime Video

Meanwhile, Kirby, 44, exclusively told Us in February 2022, he hoped that this couple would someday get together.

“I’ve always disliked people going for it,” Gossip alum said before the season 4 premiere. “You know what’s the point of saying goodbye? In the end, we all have to say goodbye, (so) spend the night together.”

Finding a balance between taking the couple’s flirting to the next level and maintaining respect for Bruce’s real story was the challenge for the creators. Amy Sherman-Palladino and husband Dan Palladino taken seriously – starting with the fact that all Lenny’s comedy numbers were “entertainment”. (The real Lenny Bruce died of a drug overdose in 1966.)


“There were certain rules with Lenny,” Amy exclusively revealed. Us at PaleyFest. “We never wrote comedies for him. His whole stand-up was (real) Lenny Bruce stand-up. Because who’s going to write Lenny Bruce’s stand-up? It was a big rule.”

Despite their undeniable sparks, Lenny’s role in Midge’s life also goes well beyond the romantic intent of the co-showrunners. “Lenny was her muse for a long time,” Amy explained. Us, to which Dan added, “And a guardian angel.”

“And then, even when it changed, it immediately came back, because he was again a person saying, “Look at the prize. What are you doing? Eye on the prize. I see you and I see you screwed up. You will ruin everything. So by laying all that foundation and having that kind of relationship, it helped us get to this point,” shared the Gilmore Girls creator.


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