What got you so excited about being at Mitzi?

First of all, it’s nice to have him. She was obsessed with music, so there was an emotional pulse running through her body all the time. I think about the scale of the piano, and that was her range: how low she can go and how high she can hit, so it’s thrilling to incorporate all of that into you for a while. And so he looked at a lot of things like, “Wouldn’t this be so fun? Wouldn’t that be such a great memory for my family?” There was creativity in every aspect of her life, from how she played with the children, how she dressed and how she cut her hair. She was an artist in every finger.

Tell me about her hair, because that helmet bob is a great look.

The first thing we talked about was hair. She was very aware of what was breaking her out – she’d worn those Peter Pan collars all her life and they suited her so beautifully – and that curving haircut was her signature. When you see her pictures, they look like pictures from the film because she looks like a character. It was her own creation, and her whole life and the lives of her children were works of art. Ultimately this is what still gives me chills as a mother of three. I can’t think of a better thing to aspire to.

do you feel the same? Are you creating lives for your children that are like works of art?

This is my aspiration. We’ll see how I did when they’re older.

Spielberg ends the film when Mitzeee leaves her husband for another man, but what you do know about the rest of her mother’s life may shape how you think of Mitzeee. Are?

Later in life, she and Steven’s father were reunited and they spent their final years together. It’s the overlapping love stories, which is why the story is so heartbreaking, because this love didn’t just disappear between these two people – it had changed and become something more. There was still enough love in their relationship to handle a family, but in your another life, it still wasn’t enough to make him stay. Brave of that decision for me! And so I never saw her as being selfish, or disinterested. I thought it was a woman living so truthfully, so clearly and so bravely, and then passing that gift on to each of her children because they saw her do it.

Many pundits thought you were a lock to win a supporting-actress Oscar for the role, but instead, you chose to campaign as a lead. in a very competitive prize race,

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