It could also modernize the way the US government tracks asylum cases and the migrants themselves, making the whole process more streamlined. Some immigrant rights groups, including the American Immigration Council, have raised valid questions. how about govt Will use GPS coordinates and biometric data collected by the App.

But CBP One has the potential to be transformative in a good way. Hundreds of people die each year making the perilous journey to the United States. Imagine if they could find time to file an asylum claim without putting themselves in harm’s way.

For those who have already walked through the jungles to reach the border, the news of the app may be heartbreaking. Until recently, Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans had a good chance of gaining admission to the United States; Deporting them is difficult because of their countries’ cold relations with the United States. But under Mr Biden’s new plan, the Mexican government would accept 30,000 people per month from these three countries and Haiti, effectively crushing their hopes of reaching the US.

This aspect of the new program has sparked outrage human rights activistprominent some to compare Mr. Biden to the former, But the comparison is not fair. Overall, the Biden Administration did a good job To reverse brutally-to-the-point Trump-era policies that separated parents from their young children, forced undocumented workers to live in constant fear of deportation, and reduced refugee admissions.

However, Mr. Biden’s efforts to restore America’s image as a big-hearted and welcoming country have backfired. When Mr. Biden took office, migrants in Mexico had high hopes that he would immediately change policies to let them in. Since then, more than one million asylum seekers have been allowed to appear in court in the United States for cases in which most will likely not be called for years.

As some US schools and homeless shelters fill up with migrants, public opinion appears to be shifting even more in favor of stronger restrictions at the border. Those who say increasing security at the US-Mexico border “should be an important goal” to reduce illegal crossings rose to 73 percent from 68 percent three years ago. For a recent Pew Research Center poll, The increase is largely driven by Democrats (59 percent today versus 49 percent then).

Now Mr. Biden is trying to reduce the number of migrants crossing the border. “He knows how border issues have paralyzed presidents,” Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute, told me. “He doesn’t want to be stamped with this brand of an intolerable limitation.”

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