I keep imagining a giant pendulum swinging between the exorbitant gifts and the exorbitant cost of playing football at the highest level. Playing in the NFL Is a Privilege—For the Thousands Who Play Football in College 1.6 percent Continue playing professionally. But even playing a snap in the NFL can carry risks — the average career lasts just three years.

NFL players are some of the most famous – and best paid – professional athletes in the country. Even if you haven’t seen a single NFL game, you’ve probably seen Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a State Farm ad, or you may recognize Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. . But many players are suffering financially or even become bankrupt after they retireTheir names have been largely forgotten, just part of the churning that makes up the most profitable sports league on earth.

Football is the most beautiful game in the world for me. It is a logic game played at full speed, a chess match, a tornado – and sometimes it is totally, amazingly bonkers, The people who play it also like it. when mr hamlin woke up from sedation On Thursday, it was reported that one of his first questions (in writing) to the doctors when he collapsed was who had won the game. But football can and has killed the people who play it. every year at the high school level, The sport I like the most is football. The sport that has given me the most is football. But this game has destroyed lives and families. What do I and other sports fans owe them?

I posed this question in an email to Domonique Foxworth, former president of the former NFL Players Association and ESPN contributor, who has been open and honest in his discussions about Damar Hamlin and NFL players. are perceived by people watching the game. “I don’t know that I have a clean answer for that,” he told me, “when they do something extraordinary they behave better than most people and when they fail they are dehumanized.”

He said the conversation about what football fans owed to the people who played the game was complicated by race and money and fame and who knows what else. He also said: “I’m sure a million sad things happened to people across the country on Monday night and Damar Hamlin is the only one who’s got compassionate inspiration. Which I guess sounds fine. But, “I also think about how we would react as fans if he got a dumb penalty that put him out of the game.” I’ve seen that reaction too many times. And to be honest, I’ve seen that reaction too many times. Got it.

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