Vaccine misinformation playbook use of fake experts, logical fallacies, impossible expectations, cherry-picked data and conspiracy theories. Not a single qualified medical or public health expert has supported the claim that my husband died of Covid vaccination. Logical fallaciesBias, also known as cognitive biases, are mental shortcuts we use to simplify information, but which also make us vulnerable to errors in judgment. The most common logical fallacy is to say that because A happened before B, A must have given birth to B. in view of more than 80 percent As a portion of the US population has received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, it is likely that most Americans who died today would have been vaccinated, but this does not mean that they died from their vaccinations. to be clear, there is no increased risk of death For non-covid reasons after covid vaccination.

Other logical fallacies include being non-reductive, posing questions assuming answers, and failing to consider alternative hypotheses. Vaccine disinformationists have wrongly linked myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle – which is more likely to be caused by Covid infection than Covid vaccination – with my husband’s aortic aneurysm. Yes, the aorta and the heart are in the same region, but the relevance ends there. It does not logically follow that the Covid vaccination was a risk factor for his condition. Others have called for an investigation into his death as information being suppressed. I also wanted to know what happened to my grant. Did I miss something? Was there anything that could have been done to stop it? That’s why I have demanded post mortem.

Vaccine disinformationists have cherry-picked data to support their claims, failing to note that genetic connective tissue disorders are significant risk factors for ascending aortic aneurysms (and in my husband’s case the most likely risk factor , as early genetic test results suggest).

When misinformation profiteers take advantage of tragedies like Grant’s and Mr. Hamlin’s for their own personal gain, they re-traumatize families, compromise our ability to interpret information and separate truth from falsehood and We put everyone at risk. The consequences of allowing this to continue would be disastrous. Propaganda merchants argue that vaccines killed my husband, but they are also at least partly to blame return of polio United States and the fact that so many children in Ohio are suffering Measles Right now a Recent Kaiser Family Foundation Poll found that while a majority of the public still supports routine childhood vaccinations, significantly fewer people support requirements to vaccinate children against measles, mumps and rubella than only two years ago. In December, Congress repealed the COVID vaccine mandate for troops, even though doing so threatened military readiness and our nation’s security.

I believe in karma. Even if it was used as a threat against me. I believe that what we put out into the world shapes our experience of it. Karma is what brought Grant into my life. Karma is what has sustained our marriage through the trials, adversities, and pressures of endless work that demands every piece of us. It was because of Karma that Grant touched the lives of so many people. I was reminded of this at his memorial service in New York City, which several hundred people attended in person and many more on Zoom. Karma resulted in tributes pouring in from numerous publications, social media, and private messages.

Grant will be remembered for his kindness, openness and generosity. Her legacy is her commitment to discovering the truth through reporting, supporting human rights, and fighting for equality. I will continue to honor Grant by living up to our shared values. I’m channeling my sadness into something productive: protecting public health from those who will benefit from the suffering of others.

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