I admit it: Like many liberals, I’m experiencing a good bit of Magfreud—taking some pleasure in the self-destruction of the American right.

After all, the chaos we’ve seen in the House of Representatives this week has never happened. It’s been a century since a speaker wasn’t chosen on the first ballot – and the last time it happened, there was an actual ballot original dispute: Republican progressives (yes, they existed then) demanded, and eventually received, procedural reforms that they hoped would support their agenda.

This time, there have been no significant disputes about policy – ​​Kevin McCarthy and his opponents agree on key policy issues like probing Hunter Biden’s laptop and depriving the Internal Revenue Service resources It needs to go after the get rich tax frauds. After a long time when he tried to appease his opponents by surrendering his dignity, the polling took place.

But while the spectacle has been wonderful and, yes, amusing, neither I nor, I believe, many other liberals are experiencing the kind of euphoria Republicans might be feeling if the roles of the parties were reversed. Will be For one thing, liberals want the US government to work, which means, among other things, that we need a duly constituted House of Representatives, even if it’s run by people we don’t like. For another, I don’t think there are many people on America’s left (such as it is) who define themselves the right way: by their resentment.

And yes, I mean “resentment” rather than “complaints”. Complaints are about the things you think you deserve, and may subside if you get some of what you want. Resentment is about feeling that you are being let down, and can only be internalized by hurting the people you are jealous of on some level.

Consider the phrase (and related sentiment), popular on the right, “lib owner, In context, “ownership” does not mean defeating progressive policies, such as repealing the Affordable Care Act. It is meant, instead, to humiliate liberals personally – to make them appear weak and foolish.

I won’t claim that liberals are immune to such sentiments. Like I said, MAGAFRUD is a real thing, and I’m feeling it firsthand. But liberals have never seemed as interested in humiliating conservatives as conservatives are interested in humiliating liberals. And a big part of what’s going on in the House seems to be that some Republicans, who expected to own the libs after the red wave election, have acted out their frustration instead on Kevin McCarthy.

And does anyone doubt that the resentment of those who felt disrespected was central to the rise of Donald Trump? Are there any pundits left who still believe it was largely about “economic anxiety”?

I’m not saying the decline in manufacturing jobs in the core sector was a myth: it really happened, and it hurt. millions of americans, but failure Trump’s quest for trade wars to deliver a manufacturing revival doesn’t seem to have tipped his base. Why?

The likely answer is that Trump’s anti-globalism, his promise to make America great again, had less to do with trade balance and job creation than it did to mean that Snooki foreigners thought us stupid. ,the world is laughing at usTrump’s speeches were a consistent theme, and his supporters certainly imagined the same was true for the domestic global elite.

And I have a theory that Trump’s own inherent clumsiness, his lack of intellectual ability and emotional maturity to be president, was part of what endeared him to his base. You liberals think you’re so smart? Well, we’ll show you that by choosing someone you think is a clown!

Ironically, the MAGA movement has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of paranoid globalists (if any exist) in making America the opposite of great. The world is actually laughing at us right now, although it is also horrified. America is still the essential nation on many fronts. When the world’s greatest economic and military power seemingly can’t even form a functioning government, the risks are global.

I mean, even with one speaker, how likely is it that the people we’ve been watching over the past few days will agree to raise the debt limit, even if they fail to do so? lead to a major financial crisis? And before we get to that point, there may be many other risks that require emergency Congressional action.

Of course, the world is laughing even harder at Republicans, both ultraright refuseniks and spineless careerists like McCarthy, who helped empower the lunatics. what would it be for profit a manWill he lose his soul, and still not get enough votes to become Speaker of the House?

I’m not sure what we’re ready for, and neither is anyone else. However, one thing is certain: America is already less great than it was when Nancy Pelosi ran the House, and it’s shrinking by the day.

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