Prince Harry was blasted by ‘appalled’ royal experts and TV stars today after copies of his blistering memoir came under further fierce attack on members of the royal family.

In his controversial tell-all book Spare, which has been put on sale in Spain ahead of publication next week, the Duke of Sussex hurls a barrage of fresh ‘truth bombs’ at members of his own family – including Allegations that William attacked Meghan in a row and claims that William and his father Charles confronted her afterwards Prince Philip‘Funeral’ looking for a fight’.

The prince, who quit as a working royal and moved to California with Meghan in search of more privacy, recalls the family’s rows and intimate interactions.

He casts his brother as his ‘arch-enemy’ and Charles as an emotionally weak and ineffective ‘old man’, wrote that he feared Queen Consort Camilla would become a ‘wicked stepmother’ and revealed did Raja still walks around with his favorite teddy bear.

Dickie Arbiter, the late Queen’s former press secretary, branded Harry’s autobiography ‘a load of sarcasm’ and ‘vicious’ – while ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly admitted her ‘toes will never go unruly’ after the Duke revealed He had lost his virginity to a cougar. In the field outside a pub when he was 17.

Harry walking his dog alone in torrential rain on a quiet California beach this week

Dickie Arbiter, the late Queen's former press secretary, described Harry's autobiography as a 'load of harshness' and 'hateful'

BBC royal reporter Nicholas Witchall said the book failed to address claims of racism in the royal family

The late Queen’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter (left) called Harry’s autobiography a ‘load of harshness’ and ‘vicious’. BBC royal reporter Nicholas Witchall (right) also tore up the book

Lorraine said: ‘If they [the royals] Don’t manage to fix it, their children will have no family on their father’s side and very few on their mother’s side. I think it is very sad.

And on Good Morning Britain, Kate Garraway scoffed at Harry’s pettiness as she expressed disbelief that he used his memoir to grind axes over the size of his childhood bedroom.

Kate – who has won two NTA awards – looked very upset as she revealed many people were worried about surviving on their salaries while Harry complained about the bedrooms in their plush home.

Co-host Ben Shepherd appeared completely baffled as he explained that the Duke’s complaint about the older brother getting the biggest room was common in families around the world.

Calling the memoir ‘the gospel according to St Harry’, Mr Arbiter told BBC Newsnight: ‘Quite frankly. A lot of it is questionable. We had Netflix, six hours of it. We had an interview with Oprah Winfrey, an hour of it. There were many untrue things in it.

‘Buckingham Palace even came out to say that ‘memories may vary’. And I think this book is more than 500 pages long, I think the memories can be different in this too.

He said: ‘I think it is quite frankly a load of rubbish. The royal household are not brief reporters. Journalists openly admit that their lives would be much easier if Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace gave them information.

‘The briefings against individual members of the royal family are complete nonsense and Harry has, in fact, changed this whole exercise of his. It is hateful.

‘And he knows full well that the rest of the family is not going to come forward and respond to his story. This is the last thing they should do. They should invite silence and not let the narrative take off on its own.’

BBC royal reporter Nicholas Witchall told the broadcaster that Harry’s memoir failed to address the sensational claims of racism in the royal family that were made in his and Meghan’s bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

He added: ‘Ultimately, no, because it was across the lines of what we know to be racially inappropriate language or behaviour. Consider the Oprah Winfrey interview, that was the big issue that came up there. I do not know that it has been taken forward in this book.

Expert Richard Fitzwilliams described the claims made in Harry’s book as ‘appalling’ and ‘fantasy’.

And former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown, Princess Diana’s biographer, said: ‘Harry turned into a human hand grenade. It has been raining on the House of Windsor since the beginning of his father’s reign.’ Royal expert Jack Royston said: ‘William will be furious and after everything that has been said, I can’t see William wanting Harry at the coronation.

‘I think it is a decision that will be taken jointly after discussion. Charles is clearly the king and the Prince of Wales does not beat the king. But William is Charles’ son, both Charles and Camilla have also been mentioned, I think all three will discuss it together and maybe Kate too. William’s voice matters in that conversation, it doesn’t beat King’s but his voice matters.

‘It’s going to be a long road because public opinion moves so slowly and one thing we’ve seen is that every time they go for the royals, every time they swing on them, it’s in Britain damages his reputation’.

In other surprising revelations, Harry:

  • Admits to lying about taking cocaine as a teenager and tells how he smoked joints in a bathroom at Eaton’s;
  • claims he killed 25 Taliban insurgents while on military service in Afghanistan;
  • discusses rumors that James Hewitt is his real father;
  • describes in detail losing his virginity to an old woman who preferred a ‘macho horse’ and behaved ‘like a young horse’ in a field behind the pub;
  • Describes a brawl with William when Meghan said Kate had ‘baby brain because of her hormones’.
ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly admitted the Duke revealed he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field outside a pub when he was 17.

ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly admitted the Duke revealed he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field outside a pub when he was 17.

Spare was due to be published on Tuesday amid a massive privacy campaign by its publisher, Penguin Random House. But copies were put up for sale in bookshops across Spain yesterday despite signs saying ‘not to open until January 10’.

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace declined to comment.

A source who knows Elizabeth II well said last night she felt ‘almost relieved’ she did not live to see what her grandson had done.

‘Your Majesty would have been devastated,’ he said. Harry’s highly anticipated memoir is even more explosive than Buckingham Palace insiders feared.

He admitted to regularly taking cocaine at the age of 17 and claimed to have received the Palace to lie about it to a journalist.

The prince also claimed he was innocent of allegations of racism when he was caught on video using the word ‘p***’ to describe an Asian fellow Sandhurst cadet, adding that he was not knew it was a stigma and thought it was like calling an American a ‘Yankee’.

But it is his discussion of relationships with family members that is most damaging. The book covers every aspect of his life, charting the disconnect with his older sibling – whom he calls ‘Willie’ – that began from the moment of his birth, when Charles allegedly declared that his duty was fulfilled.

She accused William, 40, of being preoccupied with his position as the future heir to the throne, claiming he neglected her when they were students at Eton College and that he repeatedly put her in her place.

In one paragraph Harry, affectionately called ‘Harold’ by his family, described himself as feeling like he was born to be a ‘spare kidney’ for his older brother.

Harry also accused William of being aggressive during the ‘Meggit’, claiming their relationship had become so strained and damaged that his brother would only ‘yell’ at him. He described several particularly awkward encounters between himself, Meghan, William and Kate, saying that his brother and sister-in-law appeared uncomfortable at being hugged by his future wife.

He appeared to apologize to Meghan after falling out with Kate over wedding plans, accusing the Princess of Wales of over-reacting.

Kate was apparently upset that Meghan blamed ‘baby brain’ for Prince Louis’ forgetfulness following the birth.

Harry also revealed that the two couples debated over the seating plan and whether or not William and Kate should be kept together.

He says that when William confronted Meghan and defended his wife, Meghan told the prince to ‘get your finger out of my face’. While Charles has been hurt more than many expected, Harry recalled how his father was not able to hug him when he told them of his mother’s death in the car accident.

She added that when she told Charles about her panic attacks as a grown man, the prince looked sadly at his plate and said he had failed him.

However, in passages that will surely be troubling for the king, Harry told how when he returned to the UK in 2021 to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, a clearly distressed Charles called his warring sons his ‘ Not to make the last years a misery. ,

Harry claimed he and William had an explosive argument about Meghan, which resulted in his brother grabbing her by the collar, breaking her necklace and slamming her to the ground, smashing himself on the dog bowl and got injured He later called his doctor first, not his wife, he said.

And William, he claimed, is his ‘arch-nemesis’ and ‘the polar opposite’.

As for the Queen consort, who comes up relatively lightly in the book, Harry said he and William begged their father not to marry the ‘other woman’, for fear she would be their ‘wicked stepmother’ But they said they eventually came to tolerate him.

However, fifth in line to the throne accused Camilla of leaking stories about her through the palace’s spin doctor.

The loss of his mother, Princess Diana, is also a central theme of the memoir, to which Harry returns repeatedly.

He dedicated the book to her, Meghan and their two children.

He repeatedly dreams that his mother might return, and is once turned to a woman with ‘powers’ who gives him a message from Diana saying she is ‘living a life she shouldn’t’ Sakti’.

The prince also wrote about drinking his first cocktail with the Queen Mother and teaching her how to do an impression of TV character Ali Ji.

In set interviews to promote the memoir – ahead of which trailers have also been released – an emotional Harry refuses to say whether he will be attending his father’s coronation this spring, but gives intimate details in his book Denies invading William and Charles’ privacy by revealing.

Hinting at the royals, Harry says ‘the ball is in their court’ to decide the outcome if they are to attend the May 6 event.

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