RHOSLC's Angie H. Thinks Show Will Be 'Great' Without Jen Shah


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RHOSLC’s Angie H. Thinks Show Will Be ‘Great’ Without Jen Shah

RHOSLC s Angie Harrington Thinks Season 4 Will Be Great Without Jen Shah

Feel good in the future! Angie Harrington shared her thoughts on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 after her – and Jen Shahx – departure from the show.

“They know what they’re doing when they cast, so I think they’ll be fine,” the 41-year-old former Bravo star said exclusively. Us weekly on Thursday, May 25th. “And from what I’ve heard, some of the new girls are going to be great too.”


The fashion blogger acknowledged that 49-year-old Jen has something special that makes reality shows so interesting. “She brings glamour, she brings drama,” Angie said. Us. “She is funny. I don’t think many people know how funny and charismatic she is. And that’s why she’s great on TV, but I really think they know what they’re doing on casting and they know how to find big funny personalities – some a little more delusional than others.”

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Bravo has yet to announce a casting call for Season 4, but Jen won’t be returning after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud. She was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison in January and served her sentence the following month. In March, her term was reduced by one year.

Angie, for her part, originally made guest appearances in the series’ first two seasons. ROSLC before joining the cast as a “friend” in Season 3. However, earlier this month a real estate agent confirmed she would not be returning for season 4 after her son Hart, 4, was diagnosed with autism. (Angie and her husband, Chris Harringtonalso have sons together, Roma, 18, and Cole, 15, and she is the stepmother of Chris’s two children from a previous relationship.)


“It’s a bummer and I know a lot of people feel the same way – and I’m sure there are a lot of people who will be ecstatic that I’m not coming back,” Angie said. Us her exit. “But Hart is an absolute joy in our home. He is the light of our home. His recent diagnosis of autism has brought our family closer together and we are just working to help him navigate the neurotypical world as best we can.”

Angie still feels like she made the right choice for her family, but she has been “struggled” with the decision to leave for months. “In the past, it has given me such a platform to raise awareness about my husband’s son, who is transgender,” she explained. “And I really appreciate this platform. This platform is amazing.”

The Utah native went on to say that she felt a “duty” to be around her friends. Heather Gay And Meredith Marks how they filmed the show, but they were “extremely supportive” of her choice. “Of course they were upset, but they know family comes first because women put their family first,” Angie explained. “Was it hard? Yes. But once I made that decision, I felt it was absolutely the right thing to do.”

When asked if she ever thought about returning to ROSLC, Angie said the door wasn’t fully closed. “Never say never. It comes with real problems,” she said. Us. “Obviously the public underestimates you and you get beat up, or people love you and think you are the best thing on earth. I try not to let it play in my life because, after all, some of these people don’t know me. But at the same time, it’s hard when you have to deal with a lot of criticism. …. Right now, I just need to focus on my family and get Hart involved in his programs and therapy, and once the dust has settled, I might reconsider if the opportunity arises.”


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