San Francisco Whole Foods Closes After 1 Year Due To Crime


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San Francisco Whole Foods Closes After 1 Year Due to Crime

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Whole Foods in downtown San Francisco announced on Monday that it would close its doors to “ensure the safety” of its workers, the San Francisco Standard reported. reported. The nearly 65,000-square-foot facility was open for just a year.

IN novemberThe store has introduced new bathroom policies requiring guests to show receipt to the guards before gaining access. According to one worker, the decision was made after syringes and tubes were found in the bathroom. Another worker said that some people “fill their suitcases” before entering the bathroom.


“Our neighbors have been waiting for this supermarket for a long time, but we are also well aware of the problems they have experienced with drug-related retail thefts, the adjacent drug markets, and the many security issues associated with them.” — Sun Supervisory Board Francisco. Matt Dorsey wrote in post on twitter.

While violent crime is low in San Francisco, muggings and theft are reported to be in the thousands every year, according to the city police. data. When compared in St. Louis, Missouri, which has been marked as the most dangerous city in America MoneyGeekSan Francisco lags far behind in terms of violent crime. However, when accounting for property crime, the two cities are separated by little more than one data point.

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The prevalence of theft and vandalism has affected businesses throughout the city. Small business owner Denise Hein, who owns a Vietnamese restaurant Tay Ho in Auckland, described the current environment as a “war zone.” Chronicle of San Francisco. In March alone, Huin’s restaurant was the victim of three burglaries.

“I’m afraid to hear my phone beep early in the morning because that’s what I’m most afraid of. It’s one of those nightmares that keeps repeating itself,” she said.

Matt Meyer and Daniel Paez, owners of the Low Bar cocktail bar on Webster Street, told the publication that between December and January, their shop window was robbed five times in five weeks. They said they had invested tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade their bar’s security system, a financial burden on top of the inevitable costs of doing business.

“We want this area to thrive,” Paez added. “We’re just trying to protect ourselves so we can continue to stay here.”


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