Sandoval's Reasons For Cheating On Kristen, Ariana: A Breakdown


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Sandoval’s Reasons for Cheating on Kristen, Ariana: A Breakdown

Tom Sandoval Excuses for Cheating on Kristen Doute and Ariana Madix Are Eerily Similar A Breakdown 021

Us weekly Investigating: Tom Sandovalexcuses for cheating.

In the light Vanderpump Rules scandalous interview with the star Howie Mandel — in which he detailed his various reasons for having an affair with Raquel Lewis against the backdrop of his relationship with Ariana MadixUs compares how Sandoval justified his infidelity during his affair with Kristen Doat.


When fans met Sandoval at the season premiere of Bravo in 2013, he had been dating Dot for several years. In the second season, their relationship fell apart amid mutual confessions of infidelity. At the 2014 premiere, he confessed to cheating on Dout with a bottle-serving girl in Las Vegas while traveling for modeling work.

“(We) haven’t had sex for three months,” Sandoval told Dout when she confronted him. “You also cringed every time I hugged you.

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At the reunion, he added, “I knew something was up because I literally couldn’t even hug or kiss Kristen. Her shoulders lifted and she treated me like I was a bastard for months.”


Speaking of his romance with Lewis, which began in the summer of 2022, the excuse for lack of intimacy was again used.

“Like many other relationships, it seemed to me that it was more like best friends, family (something) – sometimes roommates. There were a lot of moments where the relationship just lacked intimacy, connection,” he said on the April 11 Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast. old (on) his second time. I had no mojo, no game. That’s how I felt reduced. We just didn’t get close.”

Speaking about Dut on the 2015 special, Sandoval also said: Andy Cohen that he cheated because he “was at a point where I didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month, he stated that he no longer wanted to be with Madix, even before he developed feelings for Lewis.


“I turned 40 and started to look at my life and it looked very bleak,” he said of the “alienation” from Madix. “I started to think that my best years were behind me and I started to lose optimism in life and drive. I felt like I needed to change something in order to feel alive again, to feel motivated, to feel optimistic again.”

In addition to the waitress with whom he cheated on Dout, Sandoval also admitted to making out with Madix on another trip to Sin City.

“Three years ago, Ariana and I kissed in the pool in the damn Golden Nugget. Yes, it really happened, ”he said in the 12th episode of the 2nd season.

Tom Sandoval's excuses for cheating on Kristen Dote and Ariana Madix are eerily similar - breakdown - 019

Despite Doat’s insistence, Sandoval claimed he was not sleeping with Madix at the time. He used similar language when describing his first kisses and liaisons with Madix and Leviss.


“I met up with (Ariana) like the sun was up, so we just ran to the pool. … It was after a whole night of drinking. We were just kissing,” he said at the season two reunion. “I’m a lot happier (with Ariana).”

Nine years later, he told Mandel, “(Raquel and I) literally talked until sunrise on the first night with my friend Brett. … A few days later we just kissed. It was magnetic. I felt something I haven’t felt in so long, like emotionally.”

Dout, for her part, admitted to sleeping with Jax Taylor twice and admitted that she had an “emotional” affair with another SUR employee during her affair with Sandoval.

“When I kissed Ariana in Vegas, it was after Kristen had a three-month affair with another SUR employee,” Sandoval said in the same meeting. “She never admitted to it. … So my whole point was that she didn’t deserve the truth. … (Kristen) started treating me coldly. (She) slept on the couch (on) Valentine’s Day.”

Sandoval accused Madix of being similarly distant.

“We had a life of our own for a while,” he told Mandel. “We would travel on our own more than together. I would go to weddings alone.”

In the meantime, he and Dot both admitted that they stayed together longer than they should have because they had a lease – and they shared cable television.

“I got back into those habits…because we live together,” he said in 2015 about not ending his relationship with Doute when he should have.

Sandoval also cited the convenience factor in his romance with Madix.

Tom Sandoval's excuses for cheating on Kristen Dote and Ariana Madix are eerily similar - breakdown - 020
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“We built a business together, we had a house, we were a brand,” he told Mandel. “We always wanted to make sure and keep the optics that we are a close-knit and strong couple, because that was our brand.”

He added that the two still live together in the house they bought in 2019. “I don’t have many friends that I could stay with right now,” Sandoval said. “I sort of run the house. I do gardening, housekeeping. My assistant comes and cleans and puts everything away. I basically run everything in the house. … This is a big house. We have an intermediary. We text when we come and go.”

Revisiting the reunion in the second season, Us rediscovered another creepy moment – Madix said she wasn’t worried about Sandoval cheating on her like he did with Dot.

“I’ve been friends with him for three years now,” she told Cohen at the time. “I know him very well. It’s not for me at all.”

Us confirmed in March that Madix found out about Sandoval and Lewis’s affair after discovering a graphic video on his phone. As fans know, Dot found out about his adultery also from phone receipts.

“This is the most upset and angry woman I have ever seen,” he said on April 11, saying he broke off relations with Madix on Valentine’s Day amid his months-long romance with Leviss. “I think she looked at my phone to see if anything happened to someone in Miami, but we broke up. She knew that we broke up. We didn’t tell anyone.”

Madix has yet to respond to Sandoval’s interview with Mandel. Meanwhile, Dot hit their mutual ex multiple times and reunited with Madix – on and off screen – after the news broke.

Sandoval told Mandel that he and Leviss were on “hiatus” due to disagreements with Scandoval.


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