“Undisputed” co-hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe escalated their tirade for Red Alert on Wednesday — this time over stricken Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin. (See video below.)

Sharp missed Tuesday’s “Undisputed” after Bayless’s awkward tweet about Hamlin went viral. Signs of outrage from online critics and players.

“No doubt the NFL is considering postponing the rest of this game – but how?” Bayless tweeted Hamlin collapsed on the turf in cardiac arrest after a Bills safety during Monday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. “At the end of this season, a game of this magnitude is crucial to the outcome of the regular-season … which suddenly seems so irrelevant.”

some guessed sharp left Tuesday’s Fox Sports show in protest, and he did little to overcome it on Wednesday’s installment.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about why I wasn’t on-air yesterday, and I won’t get into speculation or conjecture and sarcasm, but I will say this: In watching that game on Monday night, what happened to Asphalt Hamlin? struck me a little differently,” said Sharp, a Hall of Fame tight end who won three Super Bowls. “As a fraternity in the NFL, when injuries happen, and we know injuries are a part of the game … but I have never seen someone recuperate and fight for their life on the field.

“…Skip tweeted something and although I disagree with the tweet, and hope Skip will delete it.”

Bayless interrupted and increased friction between the two.

“Timeout, timeout, I’m not taking this down because I stand by what I tweeted,” Bayless said.

Sharp replied, “I can’t even do a monologue without you interrupting me.” “… I was just about to say, quit, I didn’t want tomorrow to be in a situation where Dummer Hamlin is the issue. We should have been talking about them and not getting into your tweets. That’s what I’m going to do.” But you can’t let me finish my first monologue without you interrupting.

Bayless appeared unfazed by the mere mention of his social media post, for which she apologized Shortly after. Bayless said, “I was under the impression you weren’t going to bring it up because nobody here had a problem with that tweet.”

“No,” Bayless replied. “Apparently, the boss wanted you to explain.”

Sharpe and Bayless eventually go to LeBron James The New York Post reported. their quarrel followed The Controversy Over Tom Brady’s Longevity last month. Bayless said that Sharp’s career ended at a much younger age than 45-year-old Brady and was not nearly as talented. Sharpe became annoyed when Bayless got so personal.

Hamlin, who had to be resuscitated on the field, remains in critical condition at a Cincinnati hospital.

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