Two years ago, following a bidding process, the job of operating the service areas went to a company called Irish Company. green apple, a conglomerate of gas stations and convenience stores backed by investment giant Blackstone. Applegreen and its partners will pick up the full cost of the redevelopment ($450 million), without touching the public money and whatnot. rendering The rest stop, envisioned as WeWork envisioned as a trendy weekend spot in farmhouse style, would suggest. Some places may have commercial areas, and selfie magic may begin in front of floor-to-ceiling windows under an inscription that reads: “Eat local. Drink local.”

The Thruway’s service areas were originally built in the mid-1950s and brought an experience similar to cafeteria food to a world that was much more egalitarian. Howard Johnson arrived in the 1980s. McDonald’s entered the frame a decade later, the last time the stop was remodeled. The current reopening will bring up local farm stands, food trucks and among a few other fast food selections the polarizing options of Chick-fil-A, which is run by a red-state billionaire contributor to anti-LGBTQ causes, and Shake Shack, by An eclectic billionaire restaurateur who came to prominence for serving expensive food around Union Square.

Certainly, there are many reasons to consider this great progress, never again to be tempted by the golden arches on this stretch of road, a reminder of low-wage work, environmental damage, and the aggressive fragility of public health. But on the counterbalancing side, where we may get some semblance of social good, McDonald’s offers a business model that does not market identity. You’re not pretending that you’re chic, or rich, urbane, or pious when you order a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. You are not adopting any philosophy or lifestyle; You’re deducting 740 calories from life.

For many of its democratizing effects, social media has sought to impose bourgeois aesthetic values ​​on all retail culture, no matter how alienating they may be to those who prefer plant-based foods and groceries. Those who do not live in the world of upholstered furniture have neither the time nor the desire to record their consumer transactions on camera. The newly converted La Guardia airport plays to the compulsions of the iPhone and scarce space, with an almost cosmopolitan restaurant scene.

On Internet chat boards, however, drivers are already registering their frustration with the thruway changes. Given the deep and long-standing tensions between central New Yorkers and those living in the lower state, it is unclear whether the people of Utica, for example, would be happy with the Manhattanization of the highway, merely maintaining the functional common space that provides them Lets refuel, grab a sandwich and walk along, a dozen potentially Instagrammable moments be damned.

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