PHILADELPHIA – Billy Donovan saw it every March during his days at the University of Florida.

Styles fights in basketball, and March Madness was a prime example of that.

“Having been in college for a long time, a lot has happened in the NCAA tournament,” Donovan said Friday. “Sometimes you get these matchups where ‘this is just a tough matchup for us’ or ‘we’re going to be a tough matchup for them.’ I think it happens in the playoffs in the NBA, and sometimes it happens during the regular season.

This season has also seen them take on their current Bulls roster, the most recent home-and-home series with Cleveland being the best example.

The Bulls lost two close games to the Cavaliers, and did so with an all too familiar formula. Two athletic giants hurt him on the glass.

“I certainly think the way you’re staffed, there are matchups that can be very, very difficult,” Donovan said. “There’s no question about it. Both Cleveland games you’re playing against a team that’s really big, and then against Brooklyn we didn’t have that many injuries on the board. Certainly for any team There is a style of his own, there are employees who create different challenges and difficulties for you.

No wonder the Bulls were thrilled after 76ers big man Joel Embiid sidelined another game with left foot soreness. Starting PJ Tucker in the middle, Philadelphia fell too short.

green day

Javonte Green misses his 11th The game with soreness in his right knee, according to Donovan, and was not expected to return anytime soon.

Green had been in and out of the lineup since early December with an injury, so the decision was made to shut him down for about a week, rehabilitate, and then reevaluate where he really is.

“Just the knee soreness that he’s been dealing with, they’re trying to do some interventions and some treatments for that, which they hope they can make some progress within a week or so and feel better,” Donovan said. Can.” “He’s definitely not in that place today. When about a week goes by, they’ll look and evaluate to see, ‘Well, did it really help him or not?’ ,

Green said he was frustrated by the continued setbacks on the second day.

The Bulls were also without Alex Caruso after he tried to warm up in pregame and get tested for a right ankle sprain, but could not go.

drum toll

Veteran Andre Drummond never wanted to leave Philadelphia last February, and he admitted Friday that he felt blindsided when he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in the blockbuster James Harden-Ben Simmons swap.

“I was definitely blindsided, but things happen and here we are,” Drummond said.

That didn’t stop him from enjoying his short time in the city of brotherly love.

“I love how much family this organization is,” Drummond said. “They welcomed me and I felt very comfortable when I came here. We had only one goal, to win as many matches as possible. Sadly, we had to break things down in February. Will definitely miss playing here. i had a lot of fun [coach] document [Rivers], and whom I had known since I was a boy. I have a lot of respect for him. The city of Philadelphia, man, the fan base, is one of a kind. I loved it here.

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