'Succession' Shocks Fans With Logan's De*th In 'Connor's Wedding'


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‘Succession’ Shocks Fans With Logan’s De*th in ‘Connor’s Wedding’

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W*rning: This story contains spoilers from Season 4 of the show. succession.

End of an era. Episode three of succession The 4th season was called “Connor’s Wedding”, but the wedding of the eldest son Roy was belated.


Like ConnorAlan Ruck) was going to marry Willa (Justine Lupe), the Roy siblings learned that their father, Logan (Brian Cox), fainted on an airplane during a flight to Sweden. Waystar mogul Royco turned down Connor’s wedding to visit Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard), but his health deteriorated during the journey.

Volume (Matthew Macfadyen), who was on the plane with Logan, named Roman (Kieran Culkin) and informed him that his father’s condition was very bad. While the flight attendant was doing chest compressions, Tom was cheering Roman and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to talk to his father for the last time on the phone. By that time Shiv (Sarah Snook) got his chance, Logan has already passed. The rest of the episode followed the siblings as they tried to decide how to announce the news of their father’s death.


While many succession fans suspected that Logan would die at some point during the final season of the drama, few predicted that his death would happen so soon. However, now that he’s gone, the rest of the season could be devoted to Roy’s kids – Kendall, Shiv, Roman and Connor – figuring out how to split his assets.

Kendall, Shiv and Roman had previously teamed up against their father in an attempt to get rid of him by outbidding him for PGM or starting their own media company. However, without him as an antagonist, it is likely that they could turn on each other in pursuit of power in the company of their father, Waystar Royco.

Successions Brian Cox Says He Will Continue to Work Until I Drop What the Hell Does It Mean to Take a Summer Offbrian
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While Logan’s days are on succession seems to be over, Cox, 76, recently said. Us weekly that he has no plans to stop working.

“Sometimes you get (from people): ‘Well, I’ll take a vacation for the summer.’ And I say, “What the hell does it mean to take a vacation this summer? What do you mean when you say you’re going to take a summer vacation? … You have been dead for a long time. You don’t have to take summer vacation,” the Emmy Award winner said in February. “I don’t understand what it means not to work. I’ve done this all my life. I have always worked. And that’s what I’ll keep doing until I drop. I work and just enjoy my work. And I’m having fun, I’m learning a lot. I am always learning and you are learning from people.”


He also already has many plans in the works after his departure from succession. “I have always been very catholic in my outlook on work, no matter what happens,” he explained. “And I’m going to do two plays this year, and I’m also hoping to make my first film, which I’m hoping to do in May and June. So, I’m busy.”

Earlier this year, succession creator Jesse Armstrong surprised fans when he revealed that season 4 would be the last installment of the show. “You know, there’s a promise in the title succession,” He said New Yorker in February. “I never thought this could go on forever.”

succession airs on HBO on Sundays at 9:00 pm ET.



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