Six-year-old Luka Bear Bisch put on his Blackhawks jersey Friday morning, as he does before every televised game, as he prepares to watch his hero, Patrick Kane, and the rest of the team go carving on the ice. it happens.

On Friday, Luca sat on a hard wooden bench — butterflies fluttering in his stomach — moments before Kane’s huge gloved hand reached for him and guided him onto the ice at the United Center.

For the next 30 minutes, Luca had the undivided attention of his protégé.

“He told me how to shoot the puck and how to dribble with a stick,” Luca said in the softest voice after his morning practice session.

Luca wants to play in the National Hockey League someday. He can do so, now that his leukemia has been cured. Luca completed his treatment in August, his family said.

Courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Luca and the rest of her family, who live in San Diego, California, were treated to a stay in Chicago. Nonprofit foundation helps 2-year-olds make wishes come true 12 Out of 18 who are suffering from serious diseases.

Luca also got a chance to spend some time with Kane in the locker room. Kane, who has a 2-year-old son, joked to reporters that Luca had “stole” his jersey number 88.

Kane said, “We had some fun there and obviously it puts things into perspective.”

Luca, his parents and his younger brother Enzo flew in on Thursday. Luca’s love for the Blackhawks comes from his maternal grandfather, who is originally from Chicago.

Luca’s grandfather “finished high school early and followed the team for a whole year during the ’60s,” said Ben Bish, Luca’s father. “My parents, when they got married, went straight from City Hall to a Blackhawks game.”

While Bish was undergoing treatment, Bish’s parents came to California to help, becoming a fan of Luca since then.

“Dad turned on a Blackhawks game and it’s been like that ever since. [Luca] Everyone watches the game,” Bish said.

Shortly before Luca stepped onto the ice he was treated to thunderous hockey stick applause from the team – as well as a post-practice news conference.

For Luca’s father and mother, Natalia Peralta, the event was a moment to savor after years of worry and uncertainty.

“For us, it is a kind of demarcation from the hard-fought last three years. … It is really a celebration for us for a courageous and determined kid,” Bish said, welling up in tears. “I celebrate Can’t think of a better place to celebrate.”

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